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  1. i do like arthur and everything it’s just not fair for him to be back.
  2. she didn’t steal anyone’s spot. benson literally dropped out on his own, and the judges/producers wanted anilee instead of amanda, that’s just how it is
  3. so happy for colin! was very surprised he made it through but again, very happy about it
  4. i originally saw this a few hours ago and was excited. now looking at it again it kinda makes me mad, like if they’re bringing back people it shouldn’t be ten, it should be at max five. it seems unfair to this years’ top 24 edit: unless it’s like someone above said where they even have one or two vying for a spot in the top 12 (13) that would be okay, just not all ten. they also seem to be adding fodder contestants to that group too. like do they think aliana, faith or dewayne have a chance to beat most of the current contestants let alone their fellow s18 competitors. i really only see dibesh, louis, and makayla having any shot
  5. TBH, i think the biggest shock performance wise this round for me was Colin. i love him and i really wanted him to go through and i’m glad he did, but i was NOT expecting a performance like that. he did so well!!
  6. awesome! hopefully it’s from the group as a whole instead of 8 from each, bc i feel that’d be unfair haha.
  7. Two ways to almost 100% confirm if certain contestants are in the top 24 is to look at their instagram stories, if they’re posting in a room with a tan colored walls. see pictures link below, theyre likely at the hotel in LA. also, another indicator is posting videos of the episode with “PROPERTY OF WALT DISNEY COMPANY”. though the second is less accurate https://imgur.com/gallery/RgU0YPj this obviously only works if contestants are active on their stories like alyssa & madison are.
  8. I dont think it'll be amanda. anilee is in LA and was posting on her story a tv with the "PROPERTY OF WALT DISNEY" or some form of that, on the TV with their emails.
  9. I have a few questions,, are we voting for who gets into the top 16? and if so, are we voting 8 from each group? Thanks in advance!!
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