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    Ranting to my S/O about how my favs in The Voice didn't get voted thru

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  1. I got a bunch this season!! Gihanna, Ryleigh, Carolina, Lindsay & Cam are a few. 'Jenzie Wheels' is also pretty good even though I'm not a fan of country thanks for the warm welcome also!!! y'all already driving me nuts with the fake leak thing again LOL
  2. hey everyone! I've been a casual fan of the Voice since S11, discovered IDF at S17, but never got too invested until S20! I spent the past few days just browsing the absolute hell out of this thread and I thought I'd make an account to join in the shenanigans I'm typing this as I'm about to call it a night, made this account in a whim LOL, but I shall update my profile when I wake up and hopefully be able to discuss the good stuff
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