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  1. Idk.... I mean his fans just want original music since he almost won it. But i mean it’s fun for his fans and his song choice is great for voters... good for him I guess lol. I should prob except he’s gonna beat Louis lol. I mean he was the runner up. So might as well get 1st place!!
  2. Ooof we won’t be friends JK lol yeah idk I just think Louis is more of an “idol” than Arthur and his original music is mainstream.
  3. Lol huh? Louis always killed it. He never gave a bad performance and Dillion had some sucky arrangements! I love how I beating up Dillion when he has a record deal.
  4. Lol so Arthur has a song called “Kaagbeni” huh? That’s what I’m saying not radio ready or an American idol. He’s very unique tho and his voice is undeniable, but if we want a successful idol Louis should be the choice. Pls don’t hate me lol I’ve never spoke my mind this much!!
  5. Arthur does not deserve to have a second chance. Like sorry you didn’t get a record deal lol but Grace Leer was top 10 and got one so tough luck Arthur. Now Louis, he deserves it because he’s actually someone who you would turn on the radio and listen to!! And Louis was robbed at top 7! Like he’s not only a great singer but an ARTIST! And that’s what blows me away. Arthur is very talented but I feel he shouldn’t win this although he prob will which is unfortunate:(
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