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  1. This was her comment... "thanks so much for the love and the criticism! I know there are things I need to work on and this definitely was not a perfect performance but I am just grateful the coaches believed in me enough to turn their chairs. I am always working to become the best I can be and I am so excited to have the opportunity to grow and improve on such an amazing show like "The Voice" "
  2. Anna Grace's comment on her youtube audition video is really mature. I think she knows that her audition wasn't her best performance and she probably feels bad that all the comments on Youtube are like "She didn't deserve it" because in all honesty who is someone to say she didn't deserve it. The coaches clearly heard something they liked and turned and I just don't get why people hate and make someone feel bad for that. The poor girl didn't do anything wrong (not to mention this was supposedly her first performance outside of her church and its very hard to sing on a stage like that). I just
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