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  1. I’ve always felt the ABC seasons have had better talent than the og Idol seasons (S1-9). Looking back on it, there is more artists that wow me now. A lot of the contestants from that era were honestly kind of basic. With the exception of some.
  2. The person who was there probably isn’t able to remember the names of all 59 contestants
  3. No. People who didn’t make top 59 have made their I auditioned posts since Hollywood Week ended
  4. Y’all spent all your time going through 59 contestants instagrams looking for spoilers, y’all can’t be calling anyone else on here desperate. Any y’all spent all your time stalking the contestants to get spoilers lol.
  5. Kenedi Anderson has had an unaired AGT and The Vocie audition. Hopefully she finally gets aired on her 3rd show.
  6. I found out our first Top 24 member after looking at their social media account
  7. Agreed, I don’t think Makayla Phillips being on AGT helped her out on Idol.
  8. Fun Fact: Zareh Isa is the daughter of S4 finalist, Nadia Turner! She just made her I auditioned post
  9. cassie is incredible. She’s definitely one of my favorites so far.
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