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  1. Are these 4 all on Team Legend? Maybe they're lurking here and followed Leon Bridges just to mess with us
  2. Omg what a throwback. I remember downloading the studio version of her BA to listen on repeat on my phone . She was also one of the more vocal ones to disapprove of the block button when it was first introduced.
  3. Wait i thought the E news thing was leaked by NBC themselves for some pre season buzz. Lol did they leak it themself then try to scare the rest of the taping audiences about it.
  4. The producers of Idol (and many other reality tv competitions) do this on purpose. They pick a few clowns through the audition process and build this person up and let them think they're awesome, just to have the judges shit on them later on. Made for great TV but horrible for those people.
  5. Wait this is still a thing? LOL I remember watching an episode of fallon or something years ago where she was squinting like heck trying to read some board. How has no one got her contacts or something yet
  6. Agree. Also, how many fans are from the US? How many international? How many intl fans are gonna get VPN and watch it live and vote every week? It might be 4am their time. Its easy to double tap and like a post on IG but how many are gonna do all the above mentioned to vote? Guess we'll find out in a few months.
  7. Is it a John thing tho. Or a contestant thing. Maybe his contestants just aren't clicking with the audience. Wonder if John had Rachel and Nick had Victor would the results still be the same. Tbh I like John but hopefully S22 switches 2 coaches out like in the past. I'm more than ready for some brand new faces.
  8. I thought he wore a 'Team Xtina' shirt or something and they were okay again. Or am i remembering the wrong episode. Though I remember in those early seasons Carson kept having to downplay their supposed feud, saying that its kinda like how families act and give each other crap.
  9. Is this you projecting? Lol. Carter has said many times that he went in to BAs with Gwen in mind cause he grew up on her music.
  10. The way we have been conditioned to think this way
  11. I'm still howling at the mental gymnastics here to get people to vote for Kelly
  12. I don't have facebook so I'm not checking the stats there but for youtube it seems like Gihanna is actually leading Team Kelly with 36k views, followed by Corey with 29k and Kenzie is last at 24k? Do the fb stats tell a different story? I kinda thought Kenzie would blow the rest outta the water no matter which platform tbh.
  13. Does anyone think Corey has a chance of possibly getting 3rd/4th?
  14. The drama on here this season Now I'm gonna wonder if every new user is him if he goes to the extent of getting wiki pgs removed.
  15. I doubt so. It was a battle song on Team JHud in S15. And he's done it plently of times in concerts since. These are lesser known songs but maybe: Saviour's Shadow Anyone Else Nobody But Me Do You Remember
  16. Thingamajig on The Masked Singer. So much emotion
  17. Nah he did pay with real money. The girl trashed him for clout, this is from a comment section on her IG. Shows you how 1 person can really ruin someone else using social media lmao
  18. Art of starting over, lonely people, the kind of lover I am, the way you don't look at me, carefully, butterfly, california sober. I think mainly its deep cuts? Not too sure but I loved Carefully.
  19. Caroline from Season 5 co-wrote 7 songs on Demi's new album . I remember her for her Royals performance with Tessanne.
  20. Yeah I'd say the coaches should go all out on the show, 14 year old fans be damned. I know Blake's probably not gonna hold back either, and I wouldn't want him to. Its their loss if they want to take a TV show so personally on behalf of their idol that they can't enjoy the jokes.
  21. I've already seen some Arianators ridiculing Kelly for even having stans at her age and calling her irrelevant. They only play nice when they don't think the other person's a threat. Once a Kelly stan says something or if Kelly says something on the show that they deem as a negative to their fav, they're not gonna hold back.
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