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  1. I don’t understand? The link went to Rachel’s Instagram.
  2. It’s cute and silly. I like seeing the contestants be real people, it makes them more enjoyable.
  3. May I ask the same please? I'll be silent for the most part. Expect no drama from me.
  4. I got you!! Lol I'm a huge huge Rachel supporter. In fact, I'm probably her biggest.
  5. Where was this comment made? I fail to understand why a "fierce 1 chair turn" is a bad thing. I'd like to read the comments to understand the context of that statement. Where can I see them?
  6. @Bk1234What comments? I'm not sure what your referring to.
  7. Sorry for the dumb question, but since I'm a newbie here, what is Group A and B all about? ☺
  8. Are battles still going on? Generally speaking, how long is the taping?
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