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  1. Talking about labels...I think it’s best for Kenzie to win and Cam coming 2nd! They both are crazy talented!
  2. They work with the coaches every week. They just don’t film the whole thing or every single time.
  3. Ok I said Kelly/Kenzie win!!!!??? Also, some ppl only watch the voice bc there favorite celeb is on there so sometimes they vote for their team which is okay. I’m pretty sure if Blake left all his fans would too. Same way with the other coaches. Even the coaches say the Ariana fanbase will probably make her win next season. I may only watch the voice bc Kelly is a coach and when she leaves I will leave. Yes, I may also vote for only team Kelly but that doesn’t mean that I don’t know how talented the other ppl are!!! I also was never a fan of Kelly until s14. It was one tv one night and I saw Brynn’s blind and I was like dang she is good. So I watched the whole season and she won. Then onto s15 I did the same with Chevel in the blind and then I started to become a Kelly fan and then when Chevel won I was like dang this coach is good. So now I’m obsessed with KC
  4. I usually don’t vote for country artist on the show unless they are super good. I voted for Chevel, Jake (I didn’t even think he would make it past the battles), & Kenzie. After, this season I don’t want a country artist to win for awhile. Pop artist is in my lane (I voted Brynn, Micah, Cami, & DeSz). This season I want to see a Kelly/Kenzie win because I don’t want to see another Blake win just like you guys don’t want to see another country win. just my opinion
  5. ALL GENRE: Kenzie jumped from 100 to 91, while Cam jumped from 66 to 63 in the last 15 mins. Country: Kenzie is at 23
  6. I’ve seen a lot of comments that said they have always voted for team Blake but they are voting for Kenzie this time.
  7. I completely agree! I cannot listen to something that has so many runs.
  8. It’s like everyone comes out for dinner at a certain time and then runs until it’s time to eat again!
  9. When the contestants sing...it sounds different in 3 ways. 1) Studios are very clear 2) On the stage, the coaches hear a different way then what we do bc they are right in the room with them. 3) On TV, we hear them different then the coaches bc it’s live & they are in empty room with no audience.
  10. Kenzie: 41 on Country Charts & 167 on All Genre Rachel: I forgot what number on pop charts Cam: 94 on All Genre
  11. Yes...They will get their song choice, their original song, & their coach duet. Then maybe celeb duets.
  12. I was literally making a list of each contestant climb and I was putting K I haven’t slept in 24 hours!!
  13. Before he performed he was around 16.5K and now he is at 17.2K almost 17.3K.
  14. We will get 3 possibly 4 performances (if they do celeb w/ contestant) for the top 5 next week!!!
  15. Kenzie went up 8K followers on Insta since his performance aired!!!!
  16. I know for a fact that Kenzie, Rachel, & Victor will get PV. I’m not sure what Blake fans will do between Cam & Jordan. If Jordan gets PV then the IS will most likely be Cam but if it’s other way around it’s between Jordan, Gihanna, & Corey.
  17. Was I the only one waiting for Cam’s song to go big? To me it wasn’t his best. It was too slow and he overused his runs! Just my opinion!
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