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  1. They may have group performances by some of the contestants this season. They have done it before.
  2. Devan, Rio, Corey, Savanna, Pia, JD, & Avery are all rooting for Kenzie to win!
  3. I could actually see the top 2 as Kenzie & Jordan...
  4. Just Sam & Toneisha both sang Stronger in both Finale shows.
  5. It’s been like that every season! You only get 10 votes & no more. You can give everyone a vote just not 10. Im giving Kenzie 10. I could give him 5 and gave Rachel 5. I could also give them 2 votes each.
  6. We all are only allowed to vote for one finalist! Unless you use different emails.
  7. Well Kenzie & Kelly pic is the first to be posted. Last season it was Gwen & Carter. Also, Desz was the front and center in the group pic but Carter won and he was on the end.
  8. I was listening to a country wide radio station just now and they were talking about how mullets are back and the man said that not all men can pull one off. He said the only ones that can is Morgan Wallen and that kid on The Voice (Kenzie).
  10. If Cam wins, he would get stuck with the screwed up record label. If Kenzie wins, Kenzie wouldn’t get stuck with it (they don’t do country) & neither would Cam.
  11. Kenzie winning would also be the best outcome as well. Actually, Kenzie winning would be the best outcome for him and Cam!
  12. Kenzie DID kill that song!!!???
  13. When IDF wouldn’t load I thought we’ve been found! I honestly thought I’d never get back in
  14. 1. Kenzie 2. Jordan 3. Cam 4. Rachel 5. Victor or 1. Kenzie 2. Cam 3. Rachel 4. Jordan 5. Victor or 1. Kenzie 2. Rachel 3. Cam 4. Jordan 5. Victor
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