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  1. Kenzie performed with Kelsea in the beginning, Kelly in the middle (9:00), & then gonna win in the end!
  2. Good god Blake scared me! It started out whatever cam is doing and then Blake screams
  3. Blake: “Come on Kelly, sing it with us!” Kelly: “All my exes live in Texas”
  4. They are trying to throw hints. They just posted a reels on nbcthevoice Insta story and kelly is saying she likes to beat Blake
  5. They are pimping Kelly & Kenzie a bit. Bringing back advisors for performances and Kenzie singing with Kelsea.
  6. Did you notice Carson’s comment before Kenzie & Kelly’s performance? He hasn’t said that tot he others yet. He made a comment like that to Carter/Gwen last season.
  7. Kenzie started an hour ago and the other started 5 mins before the show
  8. Tonight’s win will be on the annivesary of Carrie’s & Scotty’s Idol win! See anything in common?
  9. Kelly’s victories are always historic Brynn is the youngest voice champion and the first ever artist to win after not getting a chair turn the previous season! Chevel was first country artist to win who wasn’t on Team Blake! Jake was the first 1 chair turn to win (Chris Blue was the final artist in Season 12)! Kenzie will hopefully be the first blocked artist to win!
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