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  1. Funny how Nick said that he could get Zae to the Finale and let him go in the KO’s
  2. Definitely not Anna Grace commenting that her previous coach (Kelly) is the best!
  3. A lot of Kenzie’s fans are actually coming from the 15-30 age range. My home town is drooling over him right now!
  4. Since there are 4 4-chair turns, they may just air them on mondays since there are 4 mondays.
  5. I’m waiting for The Voice to start releasing the auditions!!!!
  6. Kelly, Brynn, Chevel, & Jake dropping albums/EP in same year! Like what??!!
  7. You do know that they planned only 3 live shows for S18 before the pandemic, right? Covid doesn’t have anything to do with the amount of live shows.
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