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  1. If Anna Grace were to pull out a country song, what song would you expect ?
  2. What do you think would be some good battle songs for her?
  3. She would actually sound great on that song in my opinion
  4. Maybe a miracle will occur... one can hope
  5. Maybe she'll pull a Brynn with a country song in the knockouts... One can hope
  6. See but here's where I disagree with the main thread because I don't think Anna Grace is Indie I guess we will see as she sings more on the show
  7. So Anna Grace should've picked Blake then is what you're saying
  8. My question is why though LOL... If they voted for people like Brynn and Maelyn why wouldn't they vote for Anna Grace?
  9. What are the odds that Anna Grace gets minivan behind her? I'm new here, what does minivan normally vote for?
  10. She probably won't so she doesn't get in trouble LOL
  11. I agree!! Can't wait to see what song she sings, even if she isn't paired with Gean!
  12. I would hope she would keep Anna Grace, I think Gean could be stolen or saved however.
  13. Do you guys think there are any other possibilities that she could be paired with besides those two? We know the logical pairings don't always happen
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