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  1. Rewatched Madison Curbelo and damn... really sad about that one. Her personality is very sweet and I really hope she returns. Also forgot to mention earlier, Raine was a sweet surprise. Loved her vibes.
  2. Sadly, I think producers chose for them. Overall good singers. Better songs on both of their instagrams.
  3. Really liked her, she seemed very sweet as well. Gwen would’ve turned!
  4. Madison Marigold (No Chair Turn) has been hinting at the premiere episode. Maybe she will fill out one of the 11 spots tonight.
  5. Don’t mind me, just going to be refreshing this page tomorrow morning to see when if faves are performing!
  6. New to the forum so this may be a silly question: But will IDF be doing a sort of play-by-play discussion of each episode?
  7. Not what I meant. I was referring to how they have Nick on SNL the Saturday before, they way they are flooding socials, and the big Today Show interview (among other things). I was also not knocking Victor like your comment ensues. I was just implying the fact that views/votes aren’t the same.
  8. Do we think Becca Kotte is going to pretend her audition never happened on social media like last season...
  9. The Voice promotion this year has been a lot better than in recent years, so as much as I love Victor, his high amount of likes could be greatly impacted from good promotion.
  10. Really shocked to see that Victor was the audition drop for the premiere... until I saw him sing with John!
  11. Victor just posted a “see you soon” post to LAX... safe to say he’s going on to the next round!
  12. Is anyone else going to try and pop into the ToZae show to see if we can get any hints? I’m glad that season 20 contestants are so active on social media, they give things away without even knowing!
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