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  1. Hello.. Don’t mind me just chiming in to say I’m a little shocked to see no contestants returning from last season? I was expecting at least one but I guess it is to keep things refreshing. Hm..
  2. Ainae post on instagram with a familiar mirror in the background.... Season 21?
  3. Tyler had a lot of potential. Song choice is really killing people this year, sad coaches can’t weed out the voice in the song or bad arrangement. Hope to see him and some others back in the coming years!
  4. Catching up on the episode: Really liked Lindsay but was very disappointed in Rachel. Surprised anyone turned. Also Rio had a very rich tone. Jordan was eh...
  5. Severely underwhelmed by Anna and shocked she was a 4 chair turn. Some of the No chair and 1-2 chair turners gave her a run for her money but I think the coaches liked the song...
  6. Some of the no-chair turners sang circles around this guy... Nice country voice just a tad bit boring.
  7. Nerves in the beginning but opened up at the end. A bit underwhelming because of the hype on her but she is the best of the night so far!
  8. Checked Kaitlyn’s instagram. Really wish they would’ve let her sit down at the piano. That’s where she shines.
  9. Really liked her tone. Song choice just messed her up and she was muddy in the lower register. She will be back though.
  10. His personality will carry him. Very interesting to get a rock artist on the show though, hopefully he shows us more in the next rounds!
  11. Feeling quite bad for Yellsmiles. Her audition will be the latest one on youtube and it doesn’t seem to be fairing well with audiences...
  12. Yellsmiles was the first No Chair turn so far that I *fully* agreed with. She is not ready for a show like this. Her reaction after sealed that for me. She seems lovely but if you’re not mentally ready, it won’t happen.
  13. Rewatched Madison Curbelo and damn... really sad about that one. Her personality is very sweet and I really hope she returns. Also forgot to mention earlier, Raine was a sweet surprise. Loved her vibes.
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