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  1. 1.Cam Anthony 2.Corey Ward 3.Raine Stern 4.Victor Solomon 5.Dana Monique 6.Pete Mroz 7.Kenzie Wheeler 8.Christine Cain 9.Devan Blake Jones
  2. I hope this season will be good My pre-season faves: Gihanna, Zae, Ryleigh, Rachel, Dana, Lindsay(robbed), Carolina, Zania, Cam
  3. This season is so predictable! Kenzie, Cam, Dana, Victor and Jordan will be the finale!
  4. I’m nervous for Zae, Rachel, Anna, Carolina and Emma. When will get spoilers?
  5. Team Kelly: Gihanna Zoe, Anna Grace Felten, Halley Greg Team Nick: Rachel Mac, Zae Romero, Lindsay Joan Team Legend: Carolina Rial
  6. Miley/Kelly(I love Alicia too)/Blake
  7. Add me! Cami was my favorite contestant last season! She was robbed! She deserved the finale and her IS performance was AMAZING!
  8. Add me! Carter is a good singer and I’m happy he wins!
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