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  1. Hey I’m having a the voice stimulation and I need 4 people who are interested please dm!!
  2. So I read a fan of ari say that season 21 airs on September 20 according to nbc ... so taping should start pretty soon right ?
  3. I wonder if they seating will be the same and Ariana replaces nick chair and sit by Blake but I’ll love to the females in the middle and John and Adam old chair!
  4. With Kelly having the second most experience and possibly going to be the coach with the second most wins I feel like she has a good chance at swaying artist next season.. she’s IMO the queen of the voice!! ( and she has amazing vocals) Contestants won’t look pass that I don’t think.
  5. I know it’s early ... I really want to know the coach line up for next season, any predictions???
  6. I don’t know quite know if it has been said already but who’s the mega mentor for knockouts ?
  7. I really feel like gihanna Zoe will be the second audition and most likely will be the first African American female to win the show.. especially if she’s with Kelly ! It could happen
  8. Stevie wonder as ko advisor ? Won’t be mad at it
  9. I really wanna see pictures of the ba , are there any?
  10. 1. Thriller - Michael Jackson 2. Rumors - Fleetwood Mac 3. Bad - Michael Jackson 4. Meaning of life - kelly Clarkson 5. Don’t smile at me - Billie eillish 6. Off the wall - Michael Jackson 7. 25 - Adele 8. Beer bongs & bentleys - post Malone 9. dangerous - Michael Jackson 10. Damn. - Kendrick Lamar
  11. My the voice fantasy is to see some one sing micheal Jackson besides “man in the mirror “ but I know that’ll never happen
  12. Are there pictures of the taping any where ?? I wanna see Kelly outfit
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