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  1. 1. Thriller - Michael Jackson 2. Rumors - Fleetwood Mac 3. Bad - Michael Jackson 4. Meaning of life - kelly Clarkson 5. Don’t smile at me - Billie eillish 6. Off the wall - Michael Jackson 7. 25 - Adele 8. Beer bongs & bentleys - post Malone 9. dangerous - Michael Jackson 10. Damn. - Kendrick Lamar
  2. My the voice fantasy is to see some one sing micheal Jackson besides “man in the mirror “ but I know that’ll never happen
  3. Are there pictures of the taping any where ?? I wanna see Kelly outfit
  4. I’m kinda new to this and I always wanted to know what tbtb mean and team minivan ?
  5. She wore black in season 14 and won ... she never seems to win the spring seasons tho she typically wins during the fall seasons
  6. Is Kelly giving out jackets ? Is there an AA female this year ?
  7. Lmao yes I already knew everyone was going to say Blake
  8. I’m just now seeing that thank you !!
  9. So is John and Kelly like permanent now ? Because this will be Kelly’s what like 7th season and johns 4th!
  10. Who would you say was the worst coach ? who would you say was the best female coach? who would you pick out of blake, Kelly , nick , and John ?
  11. Ok this season had the best set of contestants in my opinion..... I just hated how predictable it was or atleast I thought it was hella predictable!! I can say I completely love the dynamic of the coaches as much as I loved season 14 panel.
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