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  1. "Freedom" - Beyonce would be a sick song to sing live "Ready for love" - India Arie has never been covered yet on The Voice "Mi Gente" or "Taki Taki" could be great vote grabbers if we'll performed "Dirrrty" - Christina Aguilera. The. show seriously need more upbeat songs lol
  2. Btw I still think Carter is a deserving winner if it can redeem myself lol. Just not my favourite of the bunch
  3. Chris Blue Tessane Chin Jermaine Paul Josh Kaufman Wayne Boyd Allison Porter Sundance Head Sawyer Frederick Jordan Javier Colon Jake Hoot Cassandre Pope Danielle Bradberry Brynn Cartelli Chevel Shepherd Maelyn Todd Carter I KNOW IM GONNA GET HEAT FOR THIS BUT IT IS PEEERSONNAL TASTE OK? I just prefer listening adults singing more.............
  4. If Jim wins this season, I think the show will ban pastors from entering the competition lol ( Todd S18 winner, Toneisha S18 runner-up)
  5. S10 (if it counted) S12 S11 S17 S13 S14 -S19 S15 S16 hated all the 8 countries that made the live shows S18 hated the fact that performances were home Don't judge me!!! lol
  6. Ya, I agree totally. I liked him since the blind auditions and knew he can sing like A Beast!!! I thought however he would end up middle of the pack due to poor song selection but no, he brings it everytime!!!! The wake up call for me was his semis "Without you". I hope he gets the Upset win tonight!
  7. 1- Carter Rubin (2ND AT WORST) For me, the kid looked set to take the crown of The Voice tonight. However I think his chances of winning started slimming JUST BY A LITTLE tonight. He still looks like the clear winner of this season. I tought he was gonna murder ''The Climb'' tonight. It was solid for a kid of his age, but it was also the first time I felt he sounded like a child trying to sing a more mature song. I think it was the stress of starting first that made it be like that. It was still really good , but not as good as his other performances. Love the original song. He had the best original song and did a really good job with it. I love his duet song choice with Gwen. It is exactly what we need: A really fun song to enjoy, AND THAT HAS TO DO WITH CHRISTMASS, TY!!! Way better then listening some drunk songs between cowboys lol. I am rooting for Jim to win, but I'm not that stupid to not realise that he has BY FAR the strongest chance of winning the show. Nobody will be surprised if that's the outcome. CONGRADULATIONS GWEN ON FINALLY WINNING THE SHOW AFTER 5 SEASONS!!!! Chances of winning : 70 PERCENT
  8. 2- Jim Ranger (1ST AT BEST) CMON JIM!!!!!! He killed it tonight!!! After Yesterday's amazing performance with ''A little Help from y friends'' and a gorgeous original song, I think he stand a pretty good chance of upsetting the favorite Progidy Child to the crown of S19 of the voice!! His cover song was EASILY the best performance of the night, and the only time I wasn't bored listening to someone's performance yesterday. I did also like his original song, but I prefered Desz's and Carter's better. I like his duet with Blake slightly more then Ian's but for me, it just sounds like Blake and him drinking a beer and enjoying the night. I'm impressed by his popularity growth. It seemed like after each live performance, he has multiplied his popularity by 2, just to now challenge Carter's chances at the crown. However, Carter is BY A MILE more popular then him, so his chances of winning is still quitte weaker then the kid. Would love an upset win however this year lol Chances of winning: 30 PERCENT
  9. 3- Ian Flanigan (3RD AT BEST) zzzzz...... Wake me up when he's done singing. Thats how I felt about both performances honestly, ESPECIALLY his cover song There was not much to say about his cover song then zzz honestly, I was that bored listening to it. I think I liked his original song alot less Live then on the studio version Also, his duet with Blake is another snore for me. I usually like country, but not his style of country honestly. In the end, I still wish he has a career after this show, cuz he has a GREAT voice. However, I don't think I will ever buy his album one day if that's his style of music. Because of the country fans of this show, he will probably easilly get past John and DesZ in the final rankings but he honestly deserve 4th place, with John Last, based on what Ive seen yesterday Chances of wining: 0 PERCENT
  10. 4- John Holiday (4TH AT BEST) WTF! WTF was that???? Easilly John's worst performance BY FAR in this competition. As much as I am dissapointed by his performance vocally OR his song choices for tonight, I still think he stand a good chance of beating DesZ tonight. Halo did not work for him at all. I felt vocally, he failed to reach the notes he is usually capable of hiting, and the song was a horrible choice for his voice. His original song should be scrapped. It was very 2013 poppy and felt rushed during most of his performance. I felt his studio versions of both song were much better then what he delivered tonight and thats really too bad. I do however like his duet song choice with John Legend ''Bridge Over trouble water''. I just wish they'd bring a gospel choir at the end of the song so we can all clap with them for a spectacular song ending. I think there is still a strong chance he get past DesZ but stand no chance of getting higher then that, ESPECIALLY after yesterday. Chances of winning : 0 PERCENT
  11. Alright, after listening to Yesterday's performance and today's studio recordings for tonight, I made my final decision and my ut is telling me this: 5- Desz (3RD AT BEST) I was convinced that The Voice was trying to sabotage DesZ after hearing her song choices for tonight( and I stil kinda am). However, I felt she delivered vocally, especially for her original song ''Holy ground'' in which she turned this generic song into a song that has meaning. That smoke issue was trying to distract her from the candy but she stayed focused and delivered this song with class, like a queen! I still hated her cover song choice ''Landslide'', but she delivered it beautifully, stunningly and it was a great performance. Just not the right song choice to push her for the win in my opinion. Btw, By just reading the title of the song she'll do with Kelly, you know she'll have the best performance OF THE NIGHT tonight!!! What a tune! Looking really forward listening to it tonight I think she did better then John and Ian yesterday. Wouldn't be surprised if she get past both of them and take the third place, but that's the best she'll get in my opinion. Chance of winning: 0 PERCENT
  12. O damn, I stand corrected! Didn't expect Rose's views to be this low that season tho since she killed that finale!
  13. I think you guys are forgetting James Hoot from S17. He had the lowest number of views in the finale and ended winning the whole show. Watch out for that trap. However, Carter still have the strongest chance of the bunch to win
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