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  1. yeah no they’re amazing singers who were given probably the worst song they could have possibly been given so i completely blame whoever gave them this song and not them
  2. I usually dont talk on these just read but the coaches couldnt tell who was who at least thats what I heard Blake John and Nick say. In my opinion Ciana was the more pitchy one not to say Denisha wasn’t also pitchy though
  3. idk if I agree with you 100% I feel like they’re pretty even but I agree shes super emotive like i felt this hard. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CJUqwRvHWmX/?igshid=1f9c12u5qdy6c but I also think christine is emotive lol same with rio lana but I wish keegan and bradley were on the same team i’d love to see them battle
  4. yes i love this list simply because a lot of these people are barely mentioned but they’re SO great!! I really love Keegan Bradley and Rio Lana too!!! Its funny you have Christine and Denisha right after each other. I think they’ll be paired for battles. Based on this list you think Christine would win?
  5. There are so many people on this season who IDF RARELY mentions and honestly they all deserve to be imo. So if yall are reading this (which yall probably are). You’re all amazing and deserve to be on the show.
  6. I still think hes a lock though hes undeniably a top 5 vocalists this season
  7. Well what about Denisha then? He had a better chance at getting her than he did at getting Victor and he still turned.
  8. Probably Deion since he’s the closest to Cam who Blake didn’t turn for, but I still don't know about that because he turned for the other two lol regardless I think Cam is going to go far for sure
  9. Everyone keeps saying this but the tapings say he turned for Victor and Denisha after Cam. I don’t know if I would say shes in the same lane but Victor definitely is. He just didn’t pick him. Despite all of that I still don’t think Blake will let Cam go hes just too good.
  10. this ^^ I really dont get why yall despise him on here lol
  11. wait if she filled a team why would she not be in last episode like everyone else who filled a team? I also think Ciana will be in the first episode
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