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  1. She seems like she loves Brynn so maybe? We can hope
  2. I would say Anna Grace based off the fact that she was a four chair turn and is extremely talented. But I think if she is with Gean, he would be stolen/saved
  3. She just posted on her instagram story from the hotel... so she probably knows her partner by now Anyone have any guesses???
  4. You don’t have to bring one artist down because one may do better on the show.
  5. I hope we get proved wrong and a female does win. As much as you guys say Anna Grace can’t win I don’t think it’s impossible. Another one I could see winning is Carolina. Once again, We just have to wait and see
  6. Don’t think Anna Grace is very indie at all lol but we shall see...
  7. How do you say that when people like Brynn and Maelyn have won? She’s the same genre as them.
  8. Do you think her backstory might get minivan on board? I see she’s also a worship leader so if she pulls out a Lauren Daigle song she might get their votes
  9. I have to disagree. I think Anna Grace has a lot more power in her voice than Julia and we will see that maybe not in her blind but in her battle.
  10. Probably just a private callback audition or something along those lines. Season 19 blinds weren’t filmed until the summer.
  11. They are both very talented, Anna’s tone stands out to me more though
  12. She didn't audition for season 19, I think she is just an actual fan of the show
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