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  1. He said he not supposed to share it so don’t send to anyone. I think that’s not nice if I post it in here, he get in trouble
  2. Message him he sad about the clipping so he might send to you aswelk
  3. I message Zae on insta an he send me his stage practice link and it is way better than that crap on tv
  4. I loved it Me and my mom watched over and over. It was so short. That’s ok.
  5. Zae at 31k on tiktok also he seems to have the whole one direction fandom behind him now they sayd that they are gonna help him win I am hope so!!!!!!
  6. Hes like all I’ve tiktok he just reach 21k and also I seen his videos like 5 times today love Zae #teamzae! im gonna Make a shirt
  7. Zae has 15k now also his video is at 393k and his other vids are doing real well
  8. Zae is doing really good in tiktok He got 13k last night cuz he posted 10k yesterday and now it’s at 13 so I think that he’s doing good! also I will add u all
  9. I don’t know a lot about the show but I’m excited to see Zae he’s my favorite also he and Rachel!!!!! #teamzae
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