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  1. Yes he is!!!!! I will add u in a few minutes! Thank you for supported nicks 4 chair turn and hopefully TCO go Zae!!!!
  2. I’m litterally loving this so much. Me and my mom have it playing in the kitchen over and over.
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJCCqS9BN1J/?igshid=qe0p4z3bn85a I think I have my favorite l, his voice is so powerful and
  4. He just posted on his story that he is posting a full cover today
  5. I’m so bad at this sorry it’s bedtime but I will edit it and everything!
  6. Yes I really want him to win ! Me and my mo are big fans and she said she even ha a mutual friends on Facebook
  7. Feel free to link your favorite covers! Or pictures! Super excited to be here and to start the first fan thread!!
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