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  1. ZAE is coming out with a song he just posted on his story I hope that it’s a cover
  2. Goodbye Zae! I am so sad my fav but he’s gonna keep going and keep doing it, he said in his post, someone hit him up! So hopefulness!!!!
  3. Zae I cried, I love that song I will be listening for so long! Keep goung no matter what happens tomorrow I am hoping for the public vote me and my mom
  4. LOL we were all wrong about his PO BUT HOLY COWS I LOVE IT OMG the end is insane pleas Jesus get him thru
  5. It’s definitely oceans cuz it’s a big somg
  6. Oh it’s that one Christian song!!!! I remember
  7. I’m trying to think if he said before any songs he want to do but didn’t get to do
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