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  1. Hi! Thank youuu!! I can’t wait for this journey to continue! The voice was a dream I’ve always wanted to come true and it did! Without it, I wouldn’t have all of you! I can’t imagine that... All contestants test for Covid via an at-home kit 5 days before returning to LA. When we land in LA we do a 5-8 day isolation. Using a swab they provide in the home kit, there is a perforated part you can break it into the test tube to seal and send back. Mine did not break at the exact point. After 72 hours for results, my test came back inconclusive due to swab. As a result, they mailed me another kit, it got delayed in Texas for 2 days, (we have to wait a day after it’s arrival to test), and then that takes 72 hours for results. Basically I was clear to return to LA on Saturday - the day everyone in LA got out of isolation to begin filming and recording. When I arrived in LA, I had to then do the week isolation and missed the opportunity. Tune in to the finale though because your girl is kicking off the top 20 holiday song !
  2. Oh my gosh yes... my fans are my everything. To get on that stage and have it fall solely on you is intimidating - but empowering at the same time. You have no choice but to crush it. I usually count on my audience to rock along with me and I didn’t have that opportunity. The virtual screen helped a bit, but it’s still a little nerve wracking. It’s like giving a presentation to 5 people... verses 300. More intimate.
  3. Absolutely! I plan to do a live cover of all of the songs I performed on the show!
  4. I am so happy to have you as a fan! Thank you for this sweet message! Takes a lot of confidence and strength to admit fault, etc. I am not holding anything against you, ever. Just happy to have you as a new #paparazzi! You are allowed to like whomever in addition to me! We contestants are all friends! You are awesome and I can’t wait to hopefully perform for and meet all of you some day! 🎙
  5. Omg you guys were incredible with that ... I don’t know how you figured it out! So crazy! I gave hints here and there to show you that I saw you, and you guys picked up on them all. So awesome! I felt like my it was my own secret club, ha! Thank you so much for the compliment. I always try to come from a fans perspective. How would I want to be treated? What would I want to know? All of those things are so important to me because as a fan of country music and music in general, I would want to feel like the artist was being genuine and authentic with me and I was a part of their journey every step of the way. As for negativities, I overlook every single one. Everyone is entitled to their own feelings and opinions and I have plenty of my own… But I don’t ever let things like that shake me.
  6. Not gonna lie.. I thought about how different my experience would be if I had chosen Gwen. . We will never know! Everything happens for a reason though! I’m happy to have met and worked with Blake. He chose my playoff song and now Carly Pearce knows who I am (which is insane and so cool) - that might not have happened if I picked Gwen. Nothing but positive things to say though. It just definitely crossed my mind too.
  7. Oh my goshhhhhh I could cry! . Thank you!! Wow. I hope you know you are so special to me! I have been such a fan girl of this show for years and years. Getting on it was an absolute dream come true. I worked so hard to be here. All I wanted was to win something on the show. Then WTW battle, and then a knockout, I was so defeated - when I won... I almost passed out from joy lol! Truly, I’m overwhelmed by hour kind words. I wish I could have won the whole thing. Talk about the ultimate underdog opportunity, ha. I have some great people that I’m starting to work with that helped me get verified on my socials, etc and I’m hoping with them, I can rock it out in 2021! I’ll keep you posted when I will release!
  8. What does TPTB stand for? I’ve been trying to figure out the lingo all season! thanks! Also, thank you! I wish I could have made it to the finals too but honestly I wasn’t able to showcase 100% of myself like I would at a live show in Nashville, etc; so I’m not sure it would have mattered. What happens after the show with this new fan base of mine is all that matters! Thank you for being a fan! I won’t let you down (I hope!). Just grateful for the opportunity. The crew was incredible. Truly.
  9. Hi! Wow! This is so sweet of you to say. I kept telling my best friend back home that I wish I could have a release party and invite my fan page forum people only and just talk all about the show and meet everyone and give proper thanks for being incredible to me this entire season. As for the show and auditioning, I grew so much over the years that right now made perfect sense for me timing wise. Had I been 21, idk if I could have done it alone in that room for months. I knew I had to get on The Voice to grow my fan base rapidly so I just kept trying until I got a yes!
  10. Exactly! I am so happy to have been on the show. What I wanted was exposure and I got that and then some! I’m very grateful. Y’all are so smart and complete pros at this that I knew much didn’t need to be said. I have 3 songs fully mastered and ready for release! I am waiting to hear when I have freedom to release - I would love to drop one on NYE, so I will keep you posted! Morgan’s success is incredible and admirable. The favor was done for me too in that regard.
  11. I couldn’t wait to come on here to say THANK YOU. For keeping me going. For inspiring me. For supporting me. Fighting for me. And so much more. I checked this feed every day and want you to know you are SO LOVED by me. You made me smile so many times I was alone in my room. It felt great to know you believed in me and in some instances, thought what I thought without me even having to say it! Ha. There is so much I am not allowed to share - but it would all make so much sense if I could. For starters, the show is very much aware of this forum. So I am extremely limited. Here’s a few things though, my KO was filmed when the fires were taking place in CA. Many of us had to get air purifiers and I personally slept with a wet washcloth over my nose and mouth due to severe smoke inhalation. That’s why “Cry” was so pitchy - it hurt so much to sing. Can’t wait to make a “live” cover of what it should have been! I hope I didn’t let you down too much with it. I figured you would know something was up since my tone was completely different from my blind and battle - so thank you for voting for me! Have any questions? I’ll check back soon and see what I can answer. Xo your “queen”
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