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  1. Well Ryleigh (who I thought would be in the IS) has the PV basically locked up
  2. Thunderstorm didn’t but I thought it would soot his voice so I gave it to him
  3. Corey- Already gone Ryleigh- pov Jordan- I’m no stranger to the rain Pia- What the world needs now is love Dana- Nutbush city limits Victor- Glory Pete- Can’t find my way home Andrew- Adore you Rachel- Your song Zae- Falling Kenzie- Beer never broke my heart Zania- If I were your woman Cam- Feeling good Jose- You say Anna- If I die young Gihanna- Glitter in the air Emma- Neon moon Devan- Sign of the times Carolina- Anyone Savanna- Zombie
  4. Top 4: DeSz, Thunderstorm, Jordan and Christina Eliminated: Chevel and Payge
  5. I don’t really get why people are mad that John got picked over Cami. They were both great but John was better IMO
  6. Top 9 Allegra Miles CammWess Joanna Serenko Thunderstorm Artis Todd Tilghman Toneisha Harris Micah Iverson Megan Daniele Zan Fiskum
  7. Opening team BLAKE Cam Opens Jordan Anna Pete closes NICK Dana opens Andrew Jose Rachel closes LEGEND Zania opens Ryleigh Pia Victor closes KELLY Gianna opens Savanna. I’m assuming she will win the 4 way knockout Zae Corey Kenzie
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