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  1. I had more contestants than this Instagram voted these to the lives
  2. Is it possible you could delete some of my posts?
  3. Basically I had 48 contestants Instagram voted on In the live shows this is what one of the teams look like
  4. Guys for those who say “ I don't get the point of these. 6 seemingly random contestants that includes very few females. Why?” I had a lot more people and I asked people on Instagram to vote and these are the contestants who made the live shows originally I had Cedrice Tamara Reagan Toneisha Joanna Worth the wait And a few more but they all got voted out before lives from Instagram
  5. Team Kelly Kenzie Corey Zae Team Nick Dana Jose Team John Victor Zania Team Blake Cam Jordan/Pete
  6. What I think Cam vs Emma Kenzie vs JD Zania vs Durrell Pete vs Savanna Rachel vs Bradley Rio vs Carolina 4/6 or 4/12 (IDK the date yet) Zae vs Lindsay Keegan vs Jordan Raine vs Andrew Victor vs Deion Halley vs Ghianna Montage. Anna vs Ainae Montage. Ciana vs Denisha Corey vs Savanna
  7. What I think PV: Zae CS: Corey WC: Kenzie PV:Cam CS: Anna WC: Jordan PV: Victor CS: Zania WC: Ryleigh PV: Dana CS: Jose WC: Andrew WC winner: Kenzie
  8. Here are the playoff contestants: Team Kelly Kenzie Wheeler Corey Ward Zae Romeo Ghianna Zoe Team Legend Victor Solomon Ryleigh Modig Pia Renee Zania Alaké Team Blake Cam Anthony Pete Mroz Jordan Mathew Young Anna Grace Team Nick Dana Monique Andrew Marshal Jose Figueroa Jr. Rachel Mac 4 way knockout Team Kelly: Savanna Woods Team Legend: Carolina Rial Team Nick: Devan Blake Jones Team Blake: Emma Caroline
  9. If Carter Lloyd Horne didn’t screw up in the top 8 I would have wanted him possibly to win the whole thing
  10. Here is team Blake . Rank em Aaron Konzelman Avery Roberson Cam Anthony Connor Christian Emma Caroline Ethan Lively Pete Mroz
  11. Here is team Kelly. Rank em Corey Ward Gean Garcia Gihanna Zoe Halley Greg JD Casper Kenzie Wheeler Ryleigh Modig
  12. Here is team Legend Rank em Carolina Rial Christine Cain Ciana Pelekai Deion Warren Durrell Anthony Pia Renee Victor Solomon
  13. Here is team Nick Rank em Andrew Marshall Bradley Sinclair Dana Monique Devan Blake Jones Jose Figueroa Jr. Raine Stern Zae Romeo
  14. I know this isn’t the exact question but I would of loved to see Noah Macs original song. But Red won by 1% like 45 seconds before the instant save window closed
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