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  1. Ryan Gallagher. He was kicked off the show though so idk if it counts
  2. Hey everyone As you know I did a voice simulator and let people on IDF vote. I have switched just to Instagram this time and if you want to vote here’s my Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/thevoicefan625/
  3. 5th-Rachel 4th-Jordan 3rd-Victor 2nd-Kenzie 1st-Cam
  4. Rachel could possibly win if you think about it Victor and Cam split the votes Kenzie and Jordan split the votes
  5. Victor Solomon- Freedom and I can’t make you love me Rachel Mac- The chain and I hope you dance Jordan Mathew Young- Stay and Key to the highway Kenzie Wheeler- The keeper of the stars and Heartland Cam Anthony- Wanted dead or alive and stand up
  6. If you wanna be a voice simulator coach DM me on Instagram (thevoicefan625) 1st one to do so will be the final coach!
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