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  1. Andrew Marshall Aaron Hines (S21) Ryleigh Modig CammWess Jershika Maple (S21) Wendy Moten (S21) Holly Forbes (S21) Jake Hoot Maddie Consoer Cam Anthony Anna Grace Victor Solomon
  2. Vaughn Mugol Tanner Linford Holly Henry Carson Peters Samantha Howell Melanie Martinez Anthony Ortiz Jim and Sasha Julia Cooper Jaclyn Lovey Mikaela Astel Lain Roy
  3. Also comment if he would be good at Smells like teen spirit
  4. Unpopular opinion but Peedy I think the fact that he’s young and he’ll have Blake supporters on his back will help him go far as well
  5. Episode 1: Bella vs Katie Berritt vs Kaitlyn GNT vs Kinsey Katherine vs Vaughn Holly vs Wyatt Brittany vs Samara Episode 2 David vs Chavon Shadale vs Janora Sabrina vs Jack (montage) TCS vs Parker (montage) LiBianca vs Tommy (montage) Hailey vs Lana Episode 3 Samuel vs KJ Xavier vs Carolina Wendy vs Manny Raquel vs Hailey Ryleigh vs KCK3 (montage) Jim and Sasha vs Sophia (montage) Joshua vs Keliah (montage) Peedy vs TJR Jeremy vs Jershika Episode 4 Gymani vs Aaron Carson vs Clint Paris vs Jonathan
  6. Ryan Gallagher. He was kicked off the show though so idk if it counts
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