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  1. Victor Solomon- Freedom and I can’t make you love me Rachel Mac- The chain and I hope you dance Jordan Mathew Young- Stay and Key to the highway Kenzie Wheeler- The keeper of the stars and Heartland Cam Anthony- Wanted dead or alive and stand up
  2. If you wanna be a voice simulator coach DM me on Instagram (thevoicefan625) 1st one to do so will be the final coach!
  3. This has got to be the most lame final 5 I have ever seen congratulations to Cam on winning
  4. That broke my heart Even though he was off last night he deserves to go through
  5. Did anyone realize that Corey performed 1st last week (like Thunderstorm and DeSz) and 5th this week (like Thunderstorm and DeSz)
  6. 1. Corey Ward 2. Cam Anthony 3. Dana Monique 4. Rachel Mac 5. Kenzie Wheeler 6. Victor Solomon 7. Jordan Mathew Young 8. Pia Renee 9. Gihanna Zoë
  7. Cam=95 Jordan=89.75 Rachel=86.5 Dana=94.25 Victor=91.75 Pia=90.25 Kenzie= 90 Gihanna=87.5 Corey=89.8
  8. F= 64 D-=65 D= 66 D+=69 C-=71 C=75 C+=79 B-=81 B=85 B+=89 A-=91 A=95 A+=100
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