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  1. Kelly covered this on her show and made it a piano ballad and it was stunning. Wish they would’ve done that arrangement for Wendy. She would’ve crushed it.
  2. Kelly stands for everyone and dances it out, grates my nerves the other coaches don’t bring the Kelly bounce out while she’s performing.
  3. I don’t think Wendy can surpass GNT in voting, but damn what a send off for herself.
  4. I think GNT will win, but even if they don’t, at the end of all of this I just need them to record a duet with Kelly and perform it on her talk show.
  5. I’m not even a Billie Eyelash fan, but this is such a great song. Musically and lyrically. Hats off to her if she wrote it.
  6. Paris backstage having to listen to his coach call Wendy the winner
  7. The staging and background dancers in all these performances can just casually leave. Pls and thx.
  8. Soulful music is my jam, but I just cannot connect with Wendy this season. I don’t know what it is.
  9. Kelly’s vocal abilities are magically anointed. She has such a damn gift.
  10. Kelly prepping to come out and sing while reminding everyone she is the greatest thing to ever come out of a singing competition.
  11. They didn’t go to Kelly cause they knew she was gonna tell people to vote for Jershika
  12. She’s the only coach without a contestant in the instant save, so she’s unbiased. But she loves Jershika, so her bias might come out after this next performance lol
  13. I think Kelly will be properly diplomatic until Jershika performs. She loves her, as she should.
  14. The next PV has to be Hailey, right? Feel like if a team John or Ariana artist made it they would’ve called them before a second Blake finalist.
  15. Is the finale about to be 2 Blake, 2 Kelly and one extra straggler vying for the save?
  16. I love Wendy but I’m such a picky bitch when it comes to songs I’ve listened to Aretha sing 1,000 times.
  17. Kelly is gonna lose her literal sh*t over Jershika singing Alanis. Makes me kinda sad they don’t go to the coaches after the duets, cause she’ll be losing it.
  18. The soft spots in Hailey’s voice are impressive. She’s got a great emotional tone.
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