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  1. Not sure where the hell this info would go, but Kelly had Jake Hoot on her show today, is having Hello Sunday on next week and Brynn next month. She should really push the “I can put you on tv after the show ends” narrative when fighting for contestants.
  2. I hope the first episode of the season Ariana says something to Kelly about growing up on her music and being a fan of hers. Like most of the pop stars around her age group have said to Kelly before (ex. Taylor, Demi, Selena). Hopefully a comment like that will prevent her fans from trying to drag Kelly cause I really don’t want to feel the urge to argue with teenagers on twitter Kelly is so kind it irks me when people come after her.
  3. I think Kelly is permanently in her chair. I think they’ll just rotate the middle two. Unless Kelly just randomly decides to hang it up, I think she and Blake will probably be there until the end.
  4. The Oscar snubbed film From Justin to Kelly would like a word.
  5. I was referring to recent seasons, Kelly is the constant female coach now. Since she’s always there, it would be nice to do a switcheroo with Blake being the only guy.
  6. Kelly covered one of her songs on her talk show and I was shocked to find out the actual lyrics lol. Ariana has a beautiful voice, but she does what I call the whisper mumble. I can’t get into her music, but I’m interested to see how she is as a coach.
  7. If bringing Ariana means we finally get a Black female powerhouse winner, i’m fully on board. If her fans can combat Blake’s to propel a powerhouse to the finish line I’m game.
  8. If I was a teenaged girl that loved Ariana and had a solid voice, it would be easy to be swayed to working with her just because of fandom for her. But, logistically speaking is the better option a seasoned vet in the music business and coaching business? I think a lot of contestant choices will be based on emotion/logic. Which, Ariana could end up being a spectacular coach as well, so just depends on the gamble you’re willing to take on her first season in the red chair. I’m a Kelly fan with the inability to carry a tune, but if I could I probably would’ve gambled on her during her
  9. Can JHud or Alicia replace John so we can get a 3 female coach season finally. KC is the only one that gets stuck doing an all opposite sex panel, let’s stick Blake in there with all the powerful women please and thank you.
  10. That man is pure finale bait. No way Kelly is ditching him. She’s probably already making room for her next Voice trophy.
  11. Dear Voice gods, Let me pray that Gihanna wins this show so a Black female takes the crown. amen.
  12. I feel like Kelly casually regretted turning because that thing went off the rails after she did.
  13. As a person that watches Kelly’s talk show and is blessed by Kellyoke 5 days a week, it makes it hard when contestants audition with songs she’s covered because she’s one of the greatest vocalist to ever exist.
  14. I know Kelly probably assumed she didn’t have a chance with Victor, but she still should’ve turned. He deserved all 4 chairs.
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