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  1. Unfortunately for her Kenzie had the personality of a turnip while Cam is very charismatic with great stage presence. Kelly has the voice of a literal goddess but she won Idol too because of how charming she was. “The whole package” is important on these shows. Country + mullet surprisingly doesn’t equal success this season.
  2. I don’t know why I get so invested in who wins, I don’t think it actually matters. If the coach likes them enough they’ll still help them along the post show journey.
  3. Choirs always make me immediately tear up. Every time. Just give me any Madea movie and watch be sob.
  4. Kelly looked super hot last night and tonight she looks like she’s going to churn some butter to avoid her husband so she doesn’t get pregnant with her 13th child. What happened?
  5. I don’t want Kenzie to win, but I can see him actually being successful in country music. I just wish that mullet would jump off of his head, turn into dust and disappear forever.
  6. Every time I see Adam and Blake together I think of Blake telling the story of him and Kelly making Adam cry on New Years Eve
  7. Every time I hear this song I think about La’Porsha singing it and then being robbed of the win on Idol. I’m still bitter as hell.
  8. Not sure how concerning it is to actual voting but Kenzie (The Voice) is currently trending on Twitter.
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