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  1. Now that you’ve put this thought into my head, I now need for Justin Guarini to audition for this show. Kelly’s facial expressions alone would be worth it
  2. Not sure if this has already been posted, but battle and knockout rounds are up on 1iota. January 25th & 26th and February 5th.
  3. I shouldn’t be mad, but I am. Black women should not even audition for this show anymore.
  4. 3 white guys make up the top 3, both black contestants are the bottom of the 5. Shocked.
  5. The type of duet I’ve been waiting for since Kelly joined this show
  6. Even if Desz doesn’t win she’ll probably become a regular on Kelly’s talk show. I was worried about Landslide but it was beautiful.
  7. I need whoever is in charge of this show to change things up. I get that the main demographic is probably white suburban moms (speaking as a white suburban mom) but for goodness sakes, it shouldn’t be this difficult to have an AA female win this damn show. So many teens and boring white guys win every year. You’d think with the social conversations of 2020 they’d be pushing like hell to get Desz her trophy. We just voted in a female VP, cmon now.
  8. Kelly has a bum knee and a cheating ass money grabbing future ex-husband, so even if Desz doesn’t win at least she might’ve help heal Kelly’s soul a bit with that performance.
  9. Watched Kelly’s show today and she potentially damaged her ACL. She was up in a chair the whole show today with an ice pack on her knee. Not sure how the lives next week will work with her injury.
  10. I know Carter is the front runner, and I’ve been firmly on team Desz. The only thing that is going to keep me from being disappointed in her eventual loss is the fact that we are going to get a duet with her and Kelly next week. Anointed vocals gone wild.
  11. She posted a video on Instagram, not sure why she didn’t put it on Twitter.
  12. The show should WANT her to win it all. It’s 2020 and it would be nice to not see the 6th white person in a row win it. Plus having an AA female winner would be a splendid change of pace.
  13. Kelly is the greatest hype woman. With the contestants and with John. She just applauds and air horns the shit out of everyone.
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