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  1. Totally understandable and here comes my opinion which will probably set me up for an IDF lynching I THINK THIS IS WHY SEASON 16 WAS THE BEST!! No quotas. Only the best of the bunch proceeding. That was the only time all members of my app team made it to lives and all my favorites made it to finale. However as most time, my absolute favorite GYTH RIGDON was the runner up, though I was sure since the blinds that Maelyn will win the whole thing
  2. Check out Ricky Duran's new single. Even though Hoot was great, I was all Team Ricky. Now Ricky has a mindblowing single without a winner contract YAAASSSSSSSSSSSS
  3. I agree with Gyth>Ian and Ian>Jim imo but Jim's performance looks like it hit home with most. Now the scenario seems to be changing to Ian ISd
  4. DesZ - I Drove All Night Celine Dion Cami - I Don't Wanna Be You Anymore, The Scientist, Sirens Tom Odell, Time After Time, Total Eclipse of the Heart Carter - Rise Up Andra Day, The Reason Hoobastank Ben Allen - She Used To Be Mine or anything Brooks & Dunn, Goodbye Time or anything Conway Twitty, My Town or anything Montgomery Gentry, Like A Cowboy or anything Randy Houser, anything Thomas Rhett, anything Chris Stapleton, anything Garth, basically ANYTHING COUNTRY and he'll slay it, and I also think he could murder a rock too, like All About Loving You Bon Jovi or Summer of '69 Bryan Adams John Holiday - I Say A Little Prayer Aretha Franklin Tamara - You Don't Own Me Grace, What About Us Pink Bailey - You're Still The One Shania Twain, I Hope You Dance LeeAnn Womack, Jolene Dolly Parton Ian - I Got A Name Jim Croce, Tomorrow Chris Young, The Sound of Silence (version) Disturbed, Girl From North Country Bob Dylan, A slow version Ring of Fire Jim Range - You and Me Lifehouse, Starting Over Chris Stapleton
  5. I think Ben could beat all of them, if it were not for the unique vocal that Ian has. Ben has such a clarity to his voice, his pitch is soo good, his voice is just the perfect amount of grit, not to mention his every performance is downright powerful and effortlessly too HE IS THE BEST there's no way she's getting anything on DesZ, or Ben or Jim or Tamara. She could beat Bailey however
  6. I'm from Pakistan and it's georestricted here. Some The Voice YT videos are too but none this season so far Oh but Tanner was better by a landslide Adam Levine - Bus The Best He was the clear winner As he should. He is sooooooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooood WTW has more likes, views and reshares now
  7. What's all that XYZ is XYZ mean? Is that a compliment or a meh?
  8. Definitely one of them. Ryan was expected to be a vocal tornado anyway but Julia was quite the surprise. She never wavered and every next vocal was better than the last one. Even though Ryan is a more popular and smart choice, Julia will totally deserve the win if she gets it
  9. She's definitely good. Just not my kind of an artist. Although I loved Zan. Her performances and choices were always so spot on
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