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  1. A true angel singing one of the best songs of all time
  2. My favorite genres are: - folk, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Simon & Garfunkel, Phil Ochs and many more - indie, I could go all day long about artists / bands, listening to London Grammar's 2nd album while writing this Second-tier: - classic rock, quite a few songs from Queen, Led Zep, The Beatles - classic country, Willie, Waylon, and their outlaw company, Kacey in the current country landscape My favorite contestants totally reflect my taste. I'm a weirdo who doesn't listen to pop music Still hear a healthy amount in everyday life. And regardless, I appreciate pop, R&B, etc. being sung on the show, at least I get to know new songs.
  3. I wouldn't mind him back. I liked his arguments during the blinds, he had the fun factor (as Kelly or Blake), and his contestants delivered the most memorable performances. Only thing I couldn't bear were his false promises and ridiculous exaggerations. Also, I don't think he was burnt out after S13. He's a highly competitive person. Since none of his contestants had legit chance to reach the finale, he just didn't care. Here's some statistics. Up until S7, half of the 4-chair turners picked Adam as their coach. However, from S10, he was picked by every fifth 4-chair turners (a fairly low 20%). Same tendency goes for the total number of chair turns. One person from his original team (Billy) got PV for the finale in those seasons. So how did he become a less appealing target for contestants? I'm not sure. They were probably well-aware that his popularity decreased while Blake's increased, season after season. And other popular coaches appeared (such as Pharell or Alicia). If anyone has a better explanation, I'm listening.
  4. So many great songs here. It's actually pathetic that producers always play safe and limit the contestants to repeat the same "well-tried" songs, even in consecutive seasons. It bothers me almost as much as the lack of live shows.
  5. There are two kinds of winners: members of Team Blake and contestants who'd win with any coach.
  6. I can't come up with a good explanation. If history repeats itself again in next season, it's definitely not a coincidence. Just another reason to wish this format to hell.
  7. What's the women to men ratio in the finales? Must be something pathetic. Edit: 31 women, 45 men, better than I expected.
  8. This is crazy beautiful. I don't want to be rude here, but 1000x better than anything she did on the voice.
  9. Voting for a fav who's not Sawyer or Carter is literally a crime against taste. I can't pick a least favorite from the rest. I wouldn't have turned for them tbh
  10. It's hard to deny that Kennedy sounded amazing the whole way through and I'm not even a fan. Kirk has my vote, he quickly disappointed me with consistent pitchiness once the lives began.
  11. I was majoring in math if you've ever wondered
  12. I was going for personality and coaching skills, it's more important than matching genres These coaches did an excellent job with their contestants. Kelly makes questinable decisions every now and then but she's invested and 5/3 speaks for itself.
  13. Usher, Alicia, Kelly and a country singer instead of Blake would make a great panel from the contestant viewpoint.
  14. Seems like Gyth, Dexter and Andrew are visiting the polls and taking revenge
  15. Like it wasn't obvious Same here
  16. I was trying to point out that winners and finalists often solidify their status even before the live shows begin. Taking a wild guess here and say Gyth and Maelyn were probably a lock for the top 2 after blinds. In a show where Maggie Rogers is considered an extreme song choice (let alone Billie Eilish lol) girls like Julia don't have much business to do. And we all know both Tamara and Ben had more votes than Cami.
  17. Well we'll never know. I agree with the indie scale thing and the line of viewer acceptance/tolerance is clearly somewhere between Maelyn and Cami. And of course Maelyn was flawless in all her live performances, but I don't think that matters apparently
  18. Cami's not that kind either. I don't think she was getting more votes than Julia would have, but the coaches and Kelly in particular adored her and carried her to the semis. Realistically, in a longer season she's the first or second one out (someone asked this in her thread).
  19. Like I wasn't down enough. Imagine those studios from Cami
  20. I'm sure she could nail this song on her better days based off of her other performances. And until then, we still have the studio version
  21. I couldn't vote and send likes for a few days after signing up. I'm not sure if content count matters or something else.
  22. 1. DeSz - Perfection. 2. Carter - The vocals were there (as usual). Please consider Itsy Bitsy Spider for finale closer. 3. Ian - Great tone. Sadly he has nothing else to offer. 4. John - I thought the first part was stunning but the second part got real messy real quick. Oh and leave out the vocal gymnastics next time when singing this song. It doesn't fit. 5. Cami - It was messy here and there, some notes fell flat but I love her so freaking much I find it painful to criticize. Be prepared for the IS guys! 6. Bailey - She's the most boring contestant. At least she's consistent I guess. 7. Ben - Again, boring. Better than several previous country finalists though. Next time sing some real country like Waylon. 8. Tamara - Not only far from Kyla and Ricky but far from everyone else above. 9. Jim - I'm too afraid to say ANYTHING
  23. I had high hopes but this was the first one I didn't like. She still deserves the finale if that's even a question. The voting marathon begins!
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