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  1. Off the top of my head:


    S19: Cami Clune - Skinny Love

    S18: Thunderstorm Artis - Summertime

    S17: Mendeleyev - Girl From the North Country

    S16: Maelyn Jarmon - Fields of Gold

    S15: Kennedy Holmes - Greatest Love of All

    S14: Kyla Jade - One Night Only

    S13: Addison Agen - Both Sides Now

    S12: Lauren Duski - Ghost In This House

    S11: probably Dream On by the coaches...

    S10: Alisan Porter - Desperado

    S9: Madi Davis - A Case of You

    S8: Sawyer Fredericks - I'm a Man of Constant Sorrow

    S7: Taylor Phelan - Sweater Weather

    S6: Christina Grimmie - Hold On, We're Going Home

    S5: Matthew Schuler - Cosmic Love

    S4: Amber Carrington - Sad

  2. I spent a good chunk of my childhood living in Hungary (for those who don't have a clue, it's a small country in Eastern Europe :stealth:).

    I still follow some of the Hungarian news websites. Only time The Voice US appeared on the headlines was back in S9 when Viktor Kiraly auditioned. So it really surprised me yesterday that all these websites wrote a snippet about Ariana joining The Voice. Like what the hell!? :huh: Noone cared about Miley or Nick being a coach...

    It was just as shocking to me as the announcement itself.

  3. 9 hours ago, Misirlou said:

    I was listening to James David Carter´s performances and was reminded of how good he was, but his playoff performance is nowhere to be found. So for those that remember it, was it good or did Craig Wayne Boyd geniuenly overshadowed him and fairly got the PV?




    Here you go :))

    It was a good performance, but not as strong as his previous ones.

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  4. Poor Gwen in S12:

    Brennley "Up to the Mountain" vs "Suds in the Bucket"

    Hunter "I Want To Know What Love Is" vs "With or Without You"



    Btw it seems like I'm the only one who loved Fallingwater :huh:

    It certainly wasn't an off performance.

  5. Thunderstorm - Liked everything he did iirc. Blackbird and Summertime were the most memorable performances to me.

    Zan - Light On and Blowin' in the Wind.

    Cover Maggie Rogers and Bob Dylan, and I'll include you by default.


    Cami - Again, I liked everything she did (except The Joke).

    Julia - Alaska was phenomenal. Very skilled singer, but her style was the best part.



  6. On 12/29/2020 at 2:14 AM, disney1024 said:

    Based on the results so far (which probably won't change drastically), this is IDF's ideal coach lineup:


    Kelly | Alicia | Usher | Blake


    They were the best coaches by far from the contestant viewpoint (imo)


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