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  1. Beritt was montaged in the blinds and most likely will be on his battle against Kaitlyn. I do hope that they do not montage him on his Knockout against Peedy.
  2. Any idea for tomorrow's show? Will it be 4 regular battles and 2 montages? or 3 regular battles and 3 montages? (Considering that there is a cliffhanger at the end of today's show).
  3. Ian Flanigan won the Instant Save! 2 members from Team Blake again moving to the Finale.
  4. Been a fan of Sid since the Blinds. I really thought he won his battle against Bailey Rae and fought toe to toe with Desz in the Knockouts. It's sad to see him go but looking forward to his upcoming songs.
  5. As someone new here, I became totally confused on what type of comments to put up here. Capitalizing certain words and quoting my previous comment made me think that you were angry at my post and this is the reason why I made my apologies. I am merely following up/giving my inputs based on the previous comments that I saw on the forum.
  6. Apologies. I'm new here so I am unable to move my thread. Still getting the hang of idolforums. I do not even see an option to delete my comment. I would have just deleted it if I could.
  7. Here's my take (assuming Ryan or Julia makes it): Kelly: PV: Cami CS: Desz Wildcard: Ryan John: PV: John CS: Bailey Rae Wildcard: Tamara Gwen: PV: Carter CS: Payge Wildcard: Ben Blake: PV: Jim CS: WTW Wildcard: Sid
  8. I think the only way for Sid to move on past Round of 17 is to get the people's votes. With Jim, Ian and WTW on Blake's team, sad to say but I think Sid won't be picked. I hope that the lives will be longer this season with the following format: 17 (1st round) > 12 (2nd round) > 8 (Semis) > 4 (Final)
  9. Chloe was stolen by Blake in the Knockouts and was picked by Blake to move on to the lives. Miley really messed up on this one. She gave up on the eventual winner of The Voice season 13.
  10. If Ryan G. went with Blake instead of Kelly, do you think he will be getting past the Battle and Knockout Rounds? or will it be the same (Blake saving Ryan to go up against 3 other people on the 4-way knockouts)?
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