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  1. Chrishell was robbed tonight in both dances and at the end, Skai??? What a bunch of ignorance! The judges completely suck. Nellie staying while she goes??? And the cast picking Skai over Chrishell!!! The whole show is a joke. Skai, Nelli, Kaitlyn, or any of the others couldn't hold a candle to Chrishell. She deserved at least one or two nines instead of all 8's in her first dance. She blew Kaitlyn's dance out of the building. That was a rip off. She also deserved 3 points instead of 2 on her 2nd dance. Kaitlyn getting 3 was a joke. The cast obviously saved Kaitlyn and of course Skai with their scores and absolutely threw Chrishell completely under the bus. Chrishell should have won the mirror ball. I cannot watch another minute of these subpar dancers Skai, who is a joke and Nelli whom couldn't dance his way out of a paper bag. I am sick of CarrieAnn on DWTS and the Talk. I won't ever watch either again. As far as the other 2 judges... have you lost your friggin mind??? Skai who looks like a uncoordinated raggedy ann doll in every dance she does was a complete JOKE being saved over Chrishell. I hope this is the last season of DWTS. I hope everyone bails on watching this joke of a farce show. It completely sucks this year and I don't see the judges getting any better. Done with DWTS and hope you're done too.
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