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  1. Here Without You: Dexter Roberts or Samuel Harness

    Driver's License: Ryleigh Modig or Chavon Rodgers

    Home: Ray Boudreaux,Meghan Linsey,Brendan Fletcher vs Bindi Liebowitz,D.R. King,Alex Guthrie vs Injoy Fountain, Hailey Green

    Leaving on a Jet Plane: Caroline Pennell or Jim and Sasha

    Superstition: Danny Hunter Jones,Chris Blue,Jose Figueroa Jr, Paris Winningham

    Hometown Glory: Paxton Ingram,Camryn B

    POV: Ryleigh Modig vs Gean Garcia, Gymani

  2. Cassadee Pope - Over You and Stupid Boy
    Danielle Bradbery - Maybe It Was Memphis 
    The Swon Brothers - Danny's Song
    Kristen Merlin - Foolish Games
    Audra McLaughlin - Angel from Montgomery and You Lie
    Emily Ann Roberts - Burning House
    Lauren Duski - You Were Meant For Me, Somewhere In My Broken Heart, Ghost In This House and Deja Vu
    Brynn Cartelli - Here Comes Goodbye 
    Chevel Shepherd - Travelin’ Soldier and Blue 
    Jake Hoot - Cover Me Up 
    James David Carter - Nobody Knows
    Meghan Linsey - Girl Crush
    Mary Sarah - Where The Boys Are and Johnny And June
    Craig Wayne Boyd - Can't You See and I Walk The Line
    Sundance Head - Love Can Build A Bridge 
    Dexter Roberts - Like A Cowboy, Here Without You and Anything Goes 
    Adam Wakefield - Soulshine and I'm Sorry
    Pryor Baird - I Was Wrong and My Town 
    Red Marlow - Chiseled In Stone 
    Todd Tilghman - Anymore and Love, Me
    WTW - Delta Dawn
    Jackie Verna - Strawberry Wine and American Honey
    Alisan Porter - Let Him Fly
    Spensha Baker - Red 
    Adam Cunningham - Either Way

  3. 16 hours ago, katybay said:

    I think a lot of people on Team Gwen would've been on Adam's team since they're style and taste in artists are similar.


    Possible Candidates

    Jake Haldenvang would've 100% been his team.

    James Violet seemed like a good fit for him too

    Possibly Rose since it seemed like she had a strategy going in with choosing someone unexpected


    Alex Guthrie

    Mathew Mcqueen

    Shane Q

    Max Boyle 

    wouldn't rule out Ricky Duran.


    He also would've 100% have Katie if this were like Season 5

    Kiara Brown and Matt New. Wouldn't rule out Mendeleyev and Marybeth 

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