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  1. Not in US but Dara in The Voice Kids UK who was of almost Carter's age I think
  2. This happened with Voice Kids' Dara too this year if anyone was watching that.
  3. I am having the same problem since the day I joined. I can't see the grey heart I have waited until now that it might appear in a day or two but it isn't appearing. Someone help me out!
  4. Filip's Battle is my most favorite battle out of all The Voices I know, it's tough for me choosing between both but since Filip's is a solo so...
  5. 1- Micah vs Gigi 2- Lain Roy 3- Mathew McQueen PS: I like Filip Rudan's version from The Voice Croatia the most
  6. Zainab you are from Pakistan, right? Where do you watch the episodes? The website I watch it on uploads the episode so late and hasn't uploaded yesterday's episode yet
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