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  1. i mean i was also thinking jason… lmao i wasn’t rly even thinking about idol those were just my quick guesses
  2. my guesses: blake: travis tritt kelly: luke bryan ariana: kristin chenoweth (people in the comments are convinced it’s miley/gaga and i can see it but i think kristin fits better) john: camila cabello
  3. all of these would be absolutely amazing and you’ve kinda read my mind for a lot of these lol
  4. i mean i wouldn’t count anyone out right now, especially since we don’t know the song choices or have seen the performances. if he delivers strongly, i wouldn’t mind him getting pv, but that’s just my opinion. regardless, maybe he isn’t your style and may seem boring to you, but you can’t lie that he’s had 3 solid performances and has shown improvement every time, so if he does give a strong performance vocally, i would be fine with pv.
  5. 4 seems more like the intended wc with 3 being the people who are automatically eliminated (with jordan & jose at 3)
  6. Knockouts #1 Corey Ward - Already Gone 10 Ryleigh Modig - Use Somebody 8 Jordan Matthew Young - She Talks to Angels 6 Ethan Lively - Help Me Hold On 5.5 Ciana Pelekai - Cuz I Love You 6 Pia Renee - What the World Needs Now is Love 8.5 Dana Monique - Nutbush City Limits 9 Keegan Ferrell - Just My Imagination 6 Victor Solomon - My Girl 7 Gean Garcia - Afterglow 7.5 Andrew Marshall - I Won’t Give Up 9 Pete Mroz - Before You Go 7 Knockouts #2 Rachel Mac - Foolish Games 8 Zae Romeo - Electric Love 8.5 Kenzie Wheeler - Beer Never Broke My Heart 7 Avery Roberson - Tomorrow 4 Rio Doyle - Issues 5.5 Zania Alake - If I Were Your Woman 9 Connor Christian - Youngblood 3 Cam Anthony - Feeling Good 9.5 Anna Grace - If I Die Young 9 Gihanna Zoe - Glitter in the Air 9 Emma Caroline - Neon Moon 6 Devan Blake Jones - Sign of the Times 6.5 Carolina Rial - Anyone 8 Savanna Woods - Black Hole Sun 9
  7. 1. Cam 2. Anna 3. Zania 4. Gihanna 5. Carolina 6. Savanna 7. Zae 8. Rachel 9. Kenzie 10. Devan 11. Emma 12. Avery 13. Rio 14. Connor
  8. much higher key than i expected but his performance was solid
  9. sorry but that might be the worst ko performance this season imo...
  10. i wouldn’t call her overhyped, but maybe just less “polished” than the other singers and has more room to grow since she’s young.
  11. i’m not 100% on dana getting pv but if she doesn’t, there’s no way she doesn’t get nick’s save so she’s definitely safe unless she somehow flops really bad
  12. wait you THINK jose will get pv??
  13. agree with basically all of this but i would take cam over anna lol
  14. i know y’all have probably discussed this but are facebook likes/views the most accurate in judging who gets through/eliminated in the playoffs? how irrelevant are youtube/instagram stats?
  15. i will definitely say that i get both sides. i know if i were in deion’s position and i worked hard on the show to see people hating on me and etc. i would be disappointed too. so i definitely get his side, but also, this is a place for opinions, and there’s not gonna be 1 contestant who doesn’t get criticism, and that’s just how it is. and going into a show like this, and overall into the music industry, you’re gonna get lots of opinions thrown at you, and not all of them will be positive. i guess some opinions can be worded more respectfully, but i honestly see both sides and understand y’all’s reasoning but i also don’t blame him for getting upset bc you kinda have to put yourself in his shoes too.
  16. i wanna know how minivan will react to rachel winning over zae tho
  17. agree but like i get it. when your favs get any sort of criticism, you naturally kinda think or get the feeling that people “hate” them or that everyone collectively dislikes them, even if it’s just 1 person giving criticism. i think everyone (including myself) has to realize that no contestant is gonna get 100% positive feedback and there will always be criticism (constructive too) no matter what. it may be annoying when your favs get criticism but trust me, it doesn’t mean everyone hates or dislikes them
  18. gean definitely sounded very nervous in his KO but it’s sad to see him go since he has almost this unique and refreshing tone that i love to hear imo
  19. sameeee haha ik many of y’all aren’t looking forward to this KO but i’m rly excited too
  20. the comments under the instagram post are pure entertainment ngl
  21. they hid a comment asking for the knockout leak byeeee
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