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  1. It just got drama in Cams live!!! Vic told Devan to leave the live someone say he has beef with him and Vic said he doesn’t have beef
  2. Not Vic kicking Devan off the live with Deion and Cam and Danisha. I wonder wat happened. I kinda feel bad for him now. Poor man
  3. Kenzie will be new crowned winner Cam is overrated Victor’s diction & lisp bothers me Jordan’s songs didn’t make sense at all Rachel was Sound good but doing too Much in stage
  4. Not Blake looking at Cams painted fingernails on IG
  5. Jordan and Pete are top 2 for sure. Not looking good for Cam
  6. We have heard his voice 100 times before. Nothing new. Kenzie is more unique of a voice
  7. Savanna closed and was amazing so she will probably take it Blake won last season so Emma might win!!! Nicks followers are a lot so Devan’s chances are good. Carolina is young and has the teen votes in the bag. She may win especially if her school show support to voting
  8. Caucasian with blue eyes is really why he’ll win the PV. He’s not close to as good as everyone else on his team
  9. Makayla sang Anyone tonight. Next week Carolina sing it. They both cry
  10. Hoping we have a more DIVERSE top 9 then Idol’s almost all white top 10
  11. Don’t trust this after battles! Your sorce was very off
  12. Why not everyone here says who deserved save/steals but the actual singers can’t?
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