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  1. i'm quoting you again! but the audio quality of it is very weird. Is there any direct youtube link to it??
  2. Can someone send me the link of Desz's studio performance from Youtube please? I can't seem to find it
  3. Desz was so amazing! She's definitely going to the finale!!!
  4. After tonight episode, even though I made the assumption a while ago: season 19 has been one of the best seasons!!!
  5. Prediction: KELLY PV - Desz CS - Cami WC - Tanner GWEN PV - Carter CS - Payge WC - Ben JOHN PV - Tamara CS - John WC - Bailey BLAKE PV - Ian CS - Worth the Wait WC - Sid WC WINNER Sid Kingsley
  6. Je sais pas trop quoi penser du panel De toute façon je regarde pas les saisons en France
  7. Also, when the season started I was unsure about how I felt about it but now I think that it is one of the best seasons so far OMG
  8. OMG once again Desz slayyyyyyyyed! Her technique is impeccable and I can't get over her tone and her voice! I love you Desz
  9. Whitney Houston, Jennifer Holliday, Céline Dion
  10. Ok I’ve listened to the preview. Jim was good (not my cup of tea but I can’t deny it). But Jus Jon was a hot mess. I feel sad when contestants miss the opportunity to showcase themselves
  11. The fact is that every time there is a bigger African American singer in this competition everybody instinctually think she’s gonna be a powerhouse (Whitney or Aretha type of voice) and if she doesn’t deliver the way people expect her to sing she’ll be hated when she delivers amazing performances. Tamara is amazing the way she is physically and vocally! Keep going Tamara we’re rooting for you
  12. Tamara was AMAZING!!! she servedddddd!!! I'm so sad to see Casmè go though!
  13. underrated: - Sa'Rayah - Ain't Nobody - Michelle Brooks-Thompson - Spotlight
  14. I don't know if this is unpopular but: I would rather have two knockouts rounds instead of one battle round and one knockout round
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