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  1. To all of us who experienced the hayday of the RE, I miss chatting with you all. My teen years spent posting on IDF are memories I will cherish forever and I haven't forgotten any of my old fellow posters. From Sahara (IdolDiva), to Zooey, to Cam (had major crush on you lol), to Mike the Kernz, to Eric (iluvmandisa555), the Rockstar Idol redux host (kills me that I forgot his name) pretty sure it was redsoxfan. So many good times spent on here. I hope anyone reading this is feeling the intense nostalgia Im getting right now..
  2. Remember being able to post your middle/high school problems in the Soap Box to your fellow members? The craziness of finale nights when the place would be PACKED? The small but loyal group of idol media collectors sharing links via yousendit and megaupload links (the days before youtube). IDF was a MAJOR factor in getting me through tough teen years and I will never forget this place and all the cool people I met from here. Just had to return for a good dose of nostalgia.
  3. To any of the OLD IDFers reading this (really, some of us should be in our 30's by now lol) Cheers to the simpler times. This forum played a HUGE part in my early teen years. Apart from being a great place to discuss Idol, you could also post topics in the Soap forum and receive words of advice from your fellow IDFers. I got through some hard times thanks to this place and chatting with members. I'm proud to say I was lucky enough to be here during the hay day of IDF when it was at it's most active.
  4. Oh Gary, was just thinking of you and had to make a new account 10+ years later to post this. RIP fellow reduxer, you were so young..:( It's SO different at IDF, I haven't been here in years, it kills me that I can't revisit old threads and the look of the site is completely different so I'm not getting the nostalgia factor that I was hoping for when coming back here. But I am longing for those simpler times right now, coming home from school and browsing IDF, the good old days. So many good memories in the old Redux Emporium.
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