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  1. Picking WtW instead of Taryn was a questionable decision. Taryn sounded like a true artist and I'm eager to see her performing Faith Hill during KOs. Even though I'm rooting really hard for Ryan G in general, Taryn is impresive.
  2. Does anybody knows if Miranda Lambert is banned or something? I mean, she seems happy with her husband, Blake is marrying Gwen and Mamma's Broken Heart is an amazing rock-country crossover.
  3. If I had any kind of talent and lived in the US, my audition song would be Sober, FOR SURE. I thought maybe I could redo Irvine in a more competitive way, but that would be a death sentence.
  4. Can people PLEASE stop wishing somebody would sing Piece by Piece to Kelly? Come on! The show should ban that song at least for the 19th and 20th seasons for the sake of Kelly's mental health. She's in pain. She broke down during Lain's blinds, imagine being contractually obligated to sit through an entire performance of someone singing about how her husband "collected her piece by piece" while he and his dad are actually suing her right now.
  5. Alright, I'm new to the thread so, I'm sorry if it was brought up before. But Maelyn is my favorite Voice contestant ever and I'm waiting for her to drop something since season 16. What happened there? Label? John Legend never helped her or anything? Any news at all?
  6. I think it was great that Lauren was stolen after the battle. Payge is great and I would have turned for her, but Laren's tone is so intimate and angelic. For that song it was what I preferred. I understand very well Gwen's decision, but I would not like to see Lauren go after that battle.
  7. I have a theory for the Ryan G vs Marisa battle. I believe it was the song that gave Marisa all the power she needed. "I Surrender" from Celine Dion carries a message that would resonate with anyone in Marisa's previous condition as a gay kid being sended to a conversion-theraphy camp. It would be even more powerful if she was thinking about someone special for her at the time. There's so much life I've left to live And this fire is burning still When I watch you look at me I think I could find the will To stand for every dream And forsake this solid ground And give up this fear within Of what would happen if they ever knew I'm in love with you Perhaps she found strength to beat an opera singer in Celine Dion through her own history. When she faced the next round, she didn't had the same sheer will (I presume) and Kelly dropped her.
  8. To be honest, I believe that if someone sings Piece by Piece near Kelly Clarkson ever again after Brandon divorcing her and suing her for money (reference), she'll probably pull a Sindel from Mortal Kombat, go berserker and murder the person with the strength of her scream. But I can see the Ryan G scenario easily, though
  9. Julia is good, but I still think her song choice for the 4-way-knockout won't score much. It's what they say, sometimes, the artist is good, but doesn't pick well enough for the ocasion. Although Ryan Gallagher is still my favorite, maybe I think that there's a scenario in which Julia's performance will catapult Taryn singing Faith Hill. Not that I understand much about Minivan, though. I'm not even American.
  10. Does anybody know if Kelly talked about it during her talk show? I mean, I figure she was the kind of person who would at least tweet about it.
  11. Kelly Clarkson sang I surrender during American Idol with laryngitis. Gotta respect my girl. Weirdly enough, I thought the raspier vocals made the song even more dramatic, for me.
  12. Perhaps it was the wrong choice, for WTW. I believe Gwen or John could have been a better pick, although, maybe John would have dumped them during the battles. They are country, etc, but Gwen (until this point) had no country people whatsoever. She doesn't have too much background with harmonies, the way Kelly and John have, but in the end, The Voice have specialists at their disposal and Gwen have great ideas. I remember Rose singing God's Country, for instance, that was brilliant.
  13. I'll be the bad guy here and speak for myself. Sandy was a phenomenal singer, but I don't think she has the emotional resilience to compete. Much less to survive the music industry. Kelly Clarkson is very emotinal and vulnerable, but at the same time, extremely tough. SandyRedd seemed to give herself to the craft in a way that left no room for temperance. Artists like that are usually geniouses, but sometimes, it doesn't end well.
  14. Who do you think minivan will support the most during KO: Ryan G or Taryn Papa (singing Faith Hill)?
  15. There's always this fan who cheers for the show to end . It's a classic.
  16. Regarding Tanner Gomes name. Gomes is also portuguese and the pronounciation is Gômes, instead of goméz (spanish). Just wanted to point it out.
  17. I'm eager to watch the 4 way knockout, though. I believe it's probably gonna be between Ryan gallagher and Taryn Papa and they both have great song choices. Taryn being country and singing a Faith Hill song, though, makes me worried for Ryan.
  18. Ryan Gallagher is still my favorite, but I'll clearly be paying attention to a few this season. Marisa Corvo, Sid Kingsley...
  19. She needed to demonstrate more range. She's a nice artist but not enough to win The Voice.
  20. I would never sing that Aretha song in The Voice Us after Katie Kadan audition.
  21. I still have no clue how the hell these people never heard Show Must Go on.
  22. I don't actually believe Kelly Clarkson lies a lot on The Voice. I think she's just so into the moment she says things she shouldn't and is called back to reality when the show progresses. Considering Kelly's history beyond The Voice, she never struck me as insincere.
  23. I'm really eager to see him this season. My favorite audition so far and I'm just a classical stan, for sure.
  24. I really don't get y'all. Ryan Gallagher was clearly the best singer and since he is classically trained I bet he is the most versitile. I don't understand how someone would not refer to him as the MVP of the night.
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