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  1. I have a theory that they didn't start with a double elimination because they were trying to make it easy for Carole (the big ratings draw this season) to last at least a few weeks, no matter how terrible she was. They were gonna try to milk that as long as possible. She still got kicked off week 3 though. And so, because of that, I was kind of expecting a double cut week 4. I figured they'd want to quickly burn off some filler contestants (which would have taken out Anne AND Monica that week which I would have been okay with haha), but that came and went... So now I ha
  2. I think they should have kicked off the season with a double cut at the end of week 2 for the first round of elimination. Then maybe another one when we're down to 10 to get down to 8. I hate it when double cuts happen later in the season for some reason. I actually hate double cuts period lol. They should just get 13 couples every season, and have eliminations start at week 2, and do 12 week seasons so by the final week, we're down to 3. I don't really get why they don't want to ever have the show go into December.
  3. Here's my wishlist- WOMEN: Amanda Bynes- if she were to do this show now, it would be a trainwreck, but perhaps a few years down the line when she's got it together a bit more? I've always loved her and maybe this would be a good, positive show to help her ease back into the industry if she ever feels like she's ready to. Lauren Conrad- She has implied in past interviews that DWTS doesn't sound too interesting to her, but maybe if they asked her she would reconsider. Jennifer Love Hewitt- she has already said in very recent interviews (2018/201
  4. Very depressing looking back at this and seeing that everyone was predicting Jesse to make it towards the end, but he ended up being an early exit! screw you, DWTS! why you gotta do this to me! You kicked off my man way too early
  5. Not sure if this has been asked yet, but how many weeks will this season have? It's about to be week 6 and there's still a whopping 11 couples left...the fall seasons usually end the week before Thanksgiving, right? I'm assuming there's going to be a double cut at some point? Bruno said during Jesse's critique "we're already halfway through"...unless this is going to be an extra long season?
  6. Literally just created this account to come here to say how freakin' pissed I am Jesse got eliminated!! I totally saw it coming when he performed, too. When I saw those 6 paddle-boards go up, I knew he was done for. They didn't like him from day 1 and I KNEW the second he landed the bottom 2, they'd boot him out. And I was right, unfortunately. SIGHHHHHHHH. I'm partly frustrated that he just got stuck in the "average" category and never had a breakout performance despite lasting 5 weeks. But I also just wish he had lasted another week or two. He had mor
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