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  1. John has the best team. Tamara is amazing, JOHN H IS THE BEST AUDITION IVE SEEN IN A LONG TIME, Cami is amazing and Sid is fantastic Kelly has the second best team, Marisa is SO GOOD, Ryan is an amazing classically trained singer, Eli should perform in like weddings and stuff, Madeline is a dark horse and Joseph has a lotta potential
  2. 1) Cami (stunning) 2) Ryan (absolutely amazing, deserved four chairs) 3) Madeline (potential dark horse, she held back a lot) 4) Sid (amazing even though he’s not my style) 5) Taryn (really good, a bit pitchy though) gap 6) Liam (he’s good but nothing spectacular) big gap 7) Aaron (not my cup of tea) gap 8. Chloe (a lot of work needs to be done)
  3. I think Lain might actually be on Tuesday’s episode next week not Monday bc they would not want 2 Gwen-John fights back to back in which Gwen gets the artist. They like to spread it out a bit, so it doesn’t look like Gwen is struggling to get artists on her team
  4. Predictions for next episode Ben Allen (Blake) Olivia Reyes (John) Van Andrew (Gwen) Tori Miller (Gwen) John Sullivan (Blake) Rio S (John) Ryan Berg (Gwen) Desz (Kelly)
  5. I think someone from a Team Legend contestant will close.... He’s like “I’m waiting for blah blah blah” like after every single person
  6. Rly unpopular opinion but Madeline was my fav this episode
  7. Oh Kelly was second guessing herself because at that time her team was filling up really fast
  8. She’ll prob be Kelly’s PV and Desz will be Kelly’s CS.
  9. Guys I think D**z will be closing if she’s in this episode
  10. I rly want Gwen to win this year but she has no one good and if Payge makes lives I still don’t think she could win bc minivan doesn’t like her minivan only likes Blake and sometimes Kelly (depends on her artists bc she proved that she could win)
  11. Ooh I think Kelsie Watts apparently her audition was amazing and she sang a Kelly song. Or not then maybe Ryan Berg from Team Gwen
  12. If Kelly gets one then someone else gets three which means they also fill up half their team. So I suspect it’ll be like this Taryn (Blake) Tori (Gwen) Ryan (Kelly) Sid K (John) Liam (Gwen) Chloe (Gwen) Ben (Blake) Madeline (Kelly) Cami (John)
  13. I mean there’s only four episodes.....(five maybe if there is an hour Tuesday episode next week) Since Jim is out of question, who do you think will the pimp spot for next week’s episodes? I predict Desz for Monday and Sid K for Tuesday
  14. i think payge is gonna win...and I’ve been so confused as to why u guys predicted Carter over Payge for PV - I think Tamara has to rely on John’s save (shell obviously get it) - I think Kelly will get Desz and Cami. Cami will get her save, Desz will get PV
  15. Can’t wait to see who he picks. I think he SHOULD pick John because he would stand out
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