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  1. But that “I Put a Spell on You” was just so soulful and she has such a big range
  2. Cami, Ryan and Desz are my three favs and they’re on the same team.... I personally think TPTB will push for Desz. They’ll pimp her cuz her opponents got stolen, and I think she got a great edit. Hopefully Kelly is smart and she saves Cami, but it’s unlikely. What’s good is that Kelly used her only block on Cami, and saved her steal just for her (since from sources she looked like she wanted to steal Casme). Hopefully Tanner is montaged in the battles bc I rly wanna see Kelsie slay.
  3. One way or another, I want Desz and Cami to go through. I think Desz is a lock, whether it’s from PV or CS. It’s a Kyla vs Pryor situation again. If Desz gets PV, I think Kelly will sage either Tanner or Cami...depends on their performance at that night. If Tanner gets PV, Desz is guaranteed a CS. If Cami gets PV (honestly I’ll be pleasantly surprised), Kelly might save either Tanner or Desz. If Ryan gets PV, Kelly will save Desz. in no way do I see Madeline moving forward, I wish she was on Team Gwen so she’d have a chance. And Gwen has done well with Brennley so Madeline would have been perfect
  5. Guys I think the first KO episode will be an end of blinds / beginning of KO because each full 2 hr episode is 6 KO’s. Now it’ll be 3 Battles + 3 KO’s, 6 KO on Monday, remaining 3 KO + 4 way KO on Tuesday (one will be montaged, probably Joseph and Van). Only 2 battles will be montaged, and I think it will be Lain vs Chloe and Ben vs Sam / Ian vs Aaron
  6. Ppl that have good chances for being pimped Desz Carter WTW John Holiday Cami Clune all their battle and KO opponents got stolen or saved. For Cami, she’s in a good position to both close then battle rounds and get the premiere KO pimp spot.
  7. I rly want to see Marisa and Ryan, Desz and Joseph, Taryn and WTW, and Cami + James
  8. I see Taryn and WTW being the leak or Marisa and Ryan. Don’t think they’ll leak the closed
  9. Just realized neither of Blake or Gwen’s artist closed the show (except Sid, but he’s an OG John artist). So I’m expecting Lauren and Payge to close, or maybe even Carter and Larriah (they were rly good)
  10. Guys we might get 4 steals/saves on Monday. Bc on Tuesday, only 3 are shown and so only one steal/save will happen. And then the following Monday will have 3. its gonna be like this probably Bailey vs Sid (STOLEN BY KELLY) Carter vs Larriah (SAVED BY GWEN) Kelsie vs Emmalae WTW vs Taryn (SAVED BY BLAKE) Rio vs Casme Payge vs Lauren (STOLEN BY JOHN)
  11. Guys who’s TCO for each season? If i were to guess..... Gwen - Carter (He got a fairly good edit, and he also got leaked. Both his battle and KO opponents got stolen/saved so he might also close an episode) Kelly - Desz (She got the “tomorrow night” preview, E3 pimp spot and they really hyped her up. Plus, her battle and KO opponents got stolen). John - Definitely John Holiday (premiere pimp spot which means something, and also the ppl he faced got saved/stolen so he might close an episode). Blake - Worth the Wait (Leak, got a great edit, and also ppl they faced got stolen/saved)
  12. I wasn’t in that taping but I was in battles taping 2. She rly loved Cami, she said she wishes she was on her team and was sad that she choose John. Interestingly, both Blake and Gwen preffered James over her. When I watched the battle, I didn’t know they’re blind audition but solely on the battle I wouldve chosen Cami as well. James def deserved the steal though
  13. I wish these were the battle pairings..... Team Gwen (left is winner) Carter vs Larriah (SAVE) Payge vs Tori Liam vs Van Lain vs Ryan Beard Lauren vs Chloe (STOLEN BY JOHN) Team Kelly Ryan vs Eli Marisa vs Emmalae Tanner vs Madeline (SAVE) Desz vs Joseph Kelsie vs Skylar Team Legend Tamara vs Rio (STOLEN BY KELLY) Julia vs Bailey (STOLEN BY BLAKE) John H vs Casme (SAVE) Cami vs Olivia Sid vs James (STOLEN BY GWEN) Team Blake Taryn vs Payton Jim vs. Aaron WTW vs. Ben (SAVE) Ian vs. John S Sam vs JusJon
  14. I see no possibility how Cami will be Kelly’s save IF DESZ IS PV... Kelly saves Tanner. IF RYAN IS PV.... Kelly saves Desz (she likes to diversify her team) IF TANNER IS PV... Kelly saves Desz. Immediately. IF MADELINE IS PV... Kelly doesn’t need to worry abt it bc there’s no way she’s going through in that stacked team IF CAMI IS PV... Kelly will probably save Desz or Ryan (she seemed rly interested in Tanner, but seeing that the other coaches have country artists...that will make her not want to choose him)
  15. Wtf how does Taryn have more fans than her?
  16. I would say Alicia and Johnny Bliss. She literarally sang her song in Spanish for him
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