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  1. Desz did THAT! i personally can’t wait to see Julia and John’s battle
  2. Tanner and Skylar and Lain and Chloe might be montaged
  3. Why do I feel like Kelly would have been a better coach for Tamara and John would have been a better coach for Desz?
  4. I was in the taping blake said that he is sure this wouldn’t be montaged or cut like his battle in S6. He said that they both did rly well with the song, although I preferred Skylar. Keep in mind this was BEFORE I even joined the thread.
  5. I doubt they’ll montage 2 from Team Kelly which means Casme + Rio will be montaged
  6. I hope the artists going TO the top 8 will also not be Team quotas. So it’ll be an overall Top 7 + Coaches nominate one artist for WC, in which only one wins. If this format happens, I suspect it’ll be something like this — Desz John H Carter Jim Taryn/Ryan (whoever wins 4-way KO) Tanner/Ben (one country dude) Cami Coaches will put Blake - WTW Kelly - If Desz and Tanner make it; she’ll put Ryan in the WC. Gwen - Probably Payge. John - Tamara. I think Tamara might win the WC
  7. Predictions for next week order for battles Carter and Larriah (Team Gwen) Kelsie and Emmalae (Team Kelly) Casme and Rio (Team Legend) Aaron and Ian (Team Blake - short clipped) Ben and Sam (Team Blake - shirt clipped) Van and Tori (Team Gwen - short clipped) Marisa and Ryan (Team Kelly) Ryan B and Liam (Team Gwen) Cami and James (Team Legend)
  8. Montages will likely be - Van and Tori - Sam and Ben - Casme and Rio (since they already montaged a TKC battle; and appparently Kelsie vs Emmalae was really good.
  9. I’d say Desz = Toneisha but Kyla > Kymberyli > Tamara. Rose is versatile though, so I didn’t include her
  10. Desz definitely did better in the battles than Tamara. Tamara’s audition was better though. I feel like in the lives, I think Desz will be able to step up
  11. I wish they leaked someone underwhelming so Lauren and Payge would be a surprise I’m also surprised they’re not the closer
  12. Can’t wait for Lauren and Payge I’d say it’s Team Gwen’s Top 3 Battles she also had great ones in Tim vs Ellie, James vs Kyndal, Jesse vs Rose, etc
  13. Tamara was a letdown her ba was fantastic i hope Desz doesn’t step down
  14. She sang the song “”Girl” in the blinds. Her fav song is “Boy”
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