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  1. I would say Tamara and Desz I think Tamara would benefit from Kelly’s coaching, and she’d have a bigger chance of going to the finale than with John. And I think Desz should have chosen John as he seemed really enthusiastic by her performances, and John is better at mentoring specific notes and runs. also I think cami should have chosen gwen
  2. Yeah pulled a Max Boyle in the sense that he shocked everyone and he went from average to amazing
  3. Larriah is gonna SHOCK YALL in the battles. She pulled a Max Boyle
  4. This season is ok....better than S17 but worse than S18
  5. They did Skylar wrong. Her battle performance was so much better than Tanner’s
  6. This is the best outfit Gwen’s ever worn on The Voice
  7. I don’t think it’s the right song but they both are incredible
  8. If only Noah or Keisha made it instead of Red Marlow.........
  9. I’d be okay with any of Cami, Ryan, Sid, Desz and John H winning! Anyone else and I’ll be pissed
  10. I don’t think they should leak Tuesday performances. Because then like 15 mins is wasted
  11. Is minivan getting behind Desz? I feel like she’d get the casual votes
  12. Desz will prolly be the most consistent performer this season
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