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  1. honestly the voice is such a sucky show but i can’t stop watching it
  2. last season me and my internet friends along with some conservative girl who is irrelevant tricked everyone and told them season 19 got cancelled and the show would end after the knockouts it was so funny
  3. honestly i like the new “i auditioned” thingy is looks cool, anyways what happened to kathy, supposedly she auditioned in season 19 and got no chairs
  4. hopefully all the country singers get eliminated and ryleigh, or a powerhouse woman wins
  5. lemme pray someone sings grand piano by nicki minaj we need the barbz to over power the minivan vote
  6. i just hope the emo person advances i love them so much, the voice needs more emo representation
  7. i just wanted to add to this, the studios of the eliminated artists from the semi finals and lower, don’t have their studios on spotify, only the finalists from season 17 have studios on spotify, so idk, and it’s a different case with youtube music etc.
  8. this season started great but as battles and knockouts progressed (stupid steals *joseph getting stolen over julia cooper leaving her in the 4 way* and decisions *queen marisa losing*) it kinda got boring but still watchable and enjoyable with many of my favs still being on, but the live shows felt rushed. i wish we had a format that didn’t have a bloodbath every round, or the season 8 format would’ve been perfect, or if the country voters stopped voting it would be fine
  9. ima include the seasons that i watched because i didn’t watch every season season 5- jacquie lee (my first snowflake) , but tessanne deserved the win 6- christina grimmie (rip) 7- anita antoinette, madi or danica (my favs that season) 8- india or kimberly (my favs that season) 9- amy, ivonne and korin were my snowflakes, but jordan deserved it 10- alisan deserved it 11- ali (do i even have to explain-) 13- noah mac (robbed) 14- kyla (i don’t have to explain) 15- makenzie, kymberli or kennedy (the way they were robbed) 16- maelyn or kim cherry queen of rap 17- rose (jake sounds like famous country ppl, ricky is cool but queen rose outsold, and katie was very polarizing and flopped in the finale) 18- toneisha (queen) 19- desz, cami, john, payge, or tamara (but sis was pitchy in the top 9)
  10. do you think artists eliminated before the finale will have their studios released (cami, tamara etc) and that’s even if they release them on other streaming platforms
  11. there was so many lemme list them the result of taryn and wtw even tho wtw redeemed themselves in the KO sid losing to bailey gwen stealing joseph kelsies montage in battle and song in knockout gwen stealing ben kelly picking tanner over marisa (even tho marisa threw hella shade) julia losing the 4 way chloe getting eliminated or not making the wildcard payge and sid going home jim advancing to the finale even tho “without you” was very pitchy (more than cami) tamara being pitchy in top 9(i guess it’s not a decision but it still upset me) cami going home johns songs in the finale
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