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  1. yes i am a victim of oppression and i will send the barbz to stop this madness
  2. i want someone to sing a song from folklore or evermore but they better not get montaged
  3. anyways whoever tf is stopping me from talking in the s20 chat can eat grass because i didn’t do anything wrong ugh this is oppression #babrzrise 🗣🗣🗣
  4. wtf did the spoiler and update thing get locked ugh this is so homophobic and racist anyways ali caldwell should’ve won season 11 and we need the barbz to start watching the voice and ummmm yeah
  5. honestly the voice is such a sucky show but i can’t stop watching it
  6. last season me and my internet friends along with some conservative girl who is irrelevant tricked everyone and told them season 19 got cancelled and the show would end after the knockouts it was so funny
  7. love it or hate it, but we need someone to sing nicki minaj, if y’all want a powerhouse woman like ali caldwell, kyla, rose, sisaundra etc, we would need the barbz to rise because barbz have taste in music and they will vote for these woman who deserve to win
  8. hopefully someone sings misguided ghosts of all i wanted by paramore, and hopefully someone sings nicki minaj, idc if it’s a bussing attempt we need barbz to start watching the voice so the barbz make a powerhouse win
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