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  1. ya...we now have Jim Ranger day in Bakersfield....:)
  2. Merry Christmas Rangers!!! Currently at Christmas Eve service and hoping Jim sings Mary Did You Know.... hope your Christmas is blessed!!!!
  3. Jim is live on Facebook right now...concert
  4. woo hoo... Jim's song Last is 35 on Apple Music charts country and 187 in all genres...:) moving up fast...yall should go buy it
  5. woo hoo... Jim's song Last is 35 on Apple Music charts country and 187 in all genres...:) moving up fast...yall should go buy it
  6. I miss the show being on iTunes too...the charts were fun
  7. lol...very few thought jim was gonna win...lol... lots said he got bussed...got worse as time went along...which I said I thought the opposite...I agree with Blake..he got better and better....:). Hes a fantastic guy with a greta voice and range.....happy for him
  8. yall picked out good talent...I knew Jim was good from sitting in church for 10 years but you guys picked him our...amazing support and really nice people
  9. I dont agree..I think he got better every time... and his progress kind of proved that...but yall have been writing him off lately..Im glad you were wrong...:)
  10. Idol forums directed...lol. especially the line " Hey, you don't know me, but you don't like me".
  11. Yall hate on JIM....been wrong about him all season...last night and ya cant be kind???
  12. He made us all proud. I feel he started strong and got better and better. He has always been such a blessing...when my daughters were little they were worship "snobs" at church...lol. When we would sit down they would..before worship started...look for Jim. If he wasn't singing they would be so sad...hahah.. he is a good human!!! Of course we want him to win but where ever he ends up God has a Plan in all this and Jim has already ...for years..touched so many lives and we love him... Always!
  13. are you talking about Jim? He is my pastor and still a Pastor with his wife at our church....
  14. It doesnt matter why the joined the Voice and what they do for a living doesnt matter either!
  15. First off what a sad post! Just because we believe doesnt mean we are dead or intolerant....but clearly you are intolerant and holding someones faith over them like its a bad thing?? Shame on you...this show is called The VOICE...anyones Voice...even Pastors! End rant
  16. jim has no solid fan base??? lol. yall have been wrong about him from the start... its entertaining...
  17. worried about Ian splitting the vote...:/
  18. last night he killed that song..and it wasn't counted try soooooo
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