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  1. So Carter....no words... he is fantastic... Jordan smith vibes.... I believe was a great choice and he nailed it!
  2. His "Mary did you know" is stunning... he sings in Christmas Eve at church...:)
  3. OMG... tears to my eyes... hearing him at church for years then being witness to this is just beyond words
  4. I love how relaxed and in his element he seems
  5. Hahah... Bakersfield is referred to as the Texas of Cali ... but Jim is def not cowboy hat and boots.... jeans and shirts yes... he’s chill and we love him
  6. To be honest... I’ve mostly heard worship music but he sings all kinds of stuff when he plays around town
  7. well im gonna have to disagree with "jim isn't country enough for minivan"...yall haven't seen his range yet...ive been lucky to hear him on Sundays for 13 years...:)
  8. My favorite part of Jim's battle was when Blake picked him...he was looking at John..he felt for his loss...Jim is the sweetest soul...he's my Pastor and he is a super cool person...:)
  9. west coast...not for a while for us...:)
  10. I think it will be the full thing...he was a three chair turn and they did a full last night on 2 1 chair turns...if that makes a difference...I didnt recognize the guy he was up against...do you guys know who it is...I saw the promo shot
  11. lol...me too..I watch it everyday <3
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