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  1. Production hates Jose we all know damn well he ain’t pick neither songs
  2. Omg I can’t why would no one steal him. Denisha and Deion would’ve ateee
  3. I underestimated Ryleighs potential but I’m still rooting for people Hoping Victor can pull this out for Team Legend.
  4. Well pitchy Taryn got voted through sooo... yea just sayin
  5. She needs to go higher (I believe she will on stage) but I know she has a bigger range and I really wanna hear it.
  6. Anyways chile, Gihanna has my favorite studio and she’s gonna slayyy. She scared me when she said “Glitter in the air on a sugar high” I thought she was getting bussed. Zania will obviously open up on stage remember Kyla did hit any of her signature notes in any of her studios neither. And Victor omg he’s great. He’s getting that vote.
  7. I think Zania is not a studio person she will definitely let loose on stage and sing down.
  8. Sam didn’t even give it her all compared to her live performances. When she sang “I’m Here” that was the best to show off her rang and she didn’t even show that rang when she sang “I turn to you” and “Grandma’s Hands”
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