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  1. Oh Hailey is 100% closing she’s sounds amazing and that’s a closer song.
  2. Do ya ever think if there is beef between contestants? Because Jershika and Shadale don’t even follow each other.
  3. I was gonna say team John should sing Beyoncé's new song but then there’s Joshua so I think Shadale should definitely sing that song it’s very powerful.
  4. We all underestimated Paris we really thought he was toast but that man’s talent is undeniable and he deserve it but I’m still blaming y’all for jinxing Libianca.
  5. Holly and Ryleigh will definitely improve but the bottom three could definitely be Ryleigh Jim&Sasha and anyone else could be in the bottom even if Ryleigh delivers I don’t think she has that back up from Minivan.
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