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  1. Wow I didn’t even see this she’s definitely my favorite… but POV girl might be something
  2. Noo bcuz how you sing SZA and don’t choose Ariana or John (if he turned) Blake had to offer that person a deal.
  3. All I gotta say is Jerishika is gonna win. She is so anointed omg I’m obsessed.
  4. He’s not alone he’s with a group.
  5. https://bit.ly/34vwie6
  6. Hold on not Brooke Simpson and Chris Weaver bouta take over AGT.
  7. For Kim Cruise blind audition she was supposed to sing “Believe” by Brooks & Dunn...
  8. Now let’s get a streak going and have a black women win this season.
  9. They better have a virtual audience I’m tryna see Ariana. And I hope she gets the best people.
  10. I know iTunes don’t matter anymore but Cam is in the lead with Kenzie behind him.
  11. Victor has me so shook right now. That was Chris blue level of GREATNESS.
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